5-in-5 with Camrey C.

August 27, 2021

Want to learn a little more about the masterminds you’re speaking to about your Byte treatment? Who’s swiftly sending you your personalized aligners? Who’s running our social channels? Get the first look into who these Byte employees are in our 5-in-5 series!

It’s just like how it sounds — 5 questions in 5 minutes with one of our astounding Byte employees. Ready to learn about our first team player? Say “Hello” to Camrey C., one of our S1 Managers in the S1 Sales Department at Byte!

Camrey Carter: S1 Manager / S1 Sales Department
  • What’s your “Why”?

    I come to work everyday to help my team excel in their current positions and prepare for future positions. My husband is currently getting ready to go to med school so my reps' success is my success.

  • How long have you been at Byte?

    I have been at Byte for 1 year. 6 months of being an Impression Kit Specialist and 6 months of being a S1 manager.

  • Where did you work prior to Byte?

    I was a Certified Nursing Assistant in a dementia unit at Highland Glen Resthome.

  • What was important to you when you were looking for your next role and applying at Byte?

    I wanted to help other people succeed in their S1 role, and improve my own skills as a leader. Experience is very important to me and I knew I was going to be challenged and grow in ways that will help me in the long run.

  • What advice would you give for someone who is looking to move up at Byte?

    You need to learn through experience because you’re not going to know everything all at once. It’s okay to mess up as long as you are adaptable and willing to keep trying.

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