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January 29, 2021

Byte Staff

Things are moving FAST at Byte, but staying true to our core values has never been more important.

As Byte enters another exciting year of growth and expansion, we wanted to take a moment to pause and talk to some of our new team members to understand ‘Why Byte?’

  • What was it that attracted them to join our mission of improving smiles?
  • What parts of Byte’s startup culture do we need to carefully manage and cultivate as we scale, to not lose our spark and passion?

Healthy team growth requires a two way conversation and doesn’t exist without an open exchange of ideas, values, and shared goals. Here are a few things we learned from new hires:

Influencer Marketing

“When I was looking for my next role, it was important to me to focus on companies that have a clear point of view, and a diverse executive team and staff that embrace cultural differences.

Byte’s stance on inclusion is neither a fad nor a PR push. Its success is in part because Byte encourages a culture where every voice is welcome, heard, and respected.”

Learning & Development

“I love that Byte truly cares about their customers. Every interaction and step in the process is designed to be the best experience possible for the customers. Whether it’s doing the impressions at home or finding a financing option that fits a customer’s budget, Byte is all focused on helping the customers to achieve a more confident smile with ease and accessiblity.”


“Byte also always makes sure to show that they not only care about their customer’s dental health, but their overall well-being. As the world faced unprecedented times, Byte extended their manufacturing capabilities to make face shields and PPE for health care workers. This just shows how willing Byte is to step up when needed.”

Hall Marketing Strategy

“I chose Byte because it puts the customer first. Loads of companies talk about customer service as if it’s their bread and butter, but seriously fail to deliver. Byte isn’t like that. It’s an innovative company that actually listens instead of just talking.”

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