Byte’s 5-in-5 with Aline M.

June 23, 2021

Want to learn a little more about the masterminds you’re speaking to about your Byte treatment? Who’s swiftly sending you your personalized aligners? Who’s running our social channels? Get the first look into who these Byte employees are in our 5-in-5 series!

It’s just like how it sounds — 5 questions in 5 minutes with one of our astounding Byte employees. Ready to learn about our first team player? Say “Hello” to Aline M., one of our S2 Advisors in the Sales Department at Byte!

    Aline McWilliam: S2 Advisors / Sales Department
  • What’s your “Why”?

    So funny to get asked my own why since I’m asking customers what theirs is every day. I guess I’d say to bring a new smile opportunity to each potential person I interact with. It’s great knowing I could make them feel special, supported, and heard in the short amount of time we get to speak with each other. Making a living by connecting with people on a more personal level is pretty cool.

  • How long have you been at Byte?

    I’ve been at byte for 2 years. Started March of 2019 as the 1st Insurance Reimbursement Rep on staff, and then found my way to the S2 role shortly after.

  • Where did you work prior to Byte?

    Prior to this I was licensed to sell health, life, auto, and home insurance policies. Never looked back after joining the Byte fam!

  • What was important to you when you were looking for your next role and applying at Byte?

    To be honest when I was first looking for a job, I was brand new to LA and wanted to find something totally different than what I was used to. I thought it would be a good experience to work for a start-up, along with seeing what potential I had in myself. I never envisioned that taking this job would transpire into such a career growth opportunity for myself — so grateful!

  • What advice would you give for someone who is looking to move up at Byte?

    Have a positive mindset and be confident in knowing your value and what you bring to the team. Also, try to be patient and keep crushing it at your current role, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

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