Byte’s 5-in-5 with Georgette K.

July 28, 2021

Want to learn a little more about the masterminds you’re speaking to about your Byte treatment? Who’s swiftly sending you your personalized aligners? Who’s running our social channels? Get the first look into who these Byte employees are in our 5-in-5 series!

It’s just like how it sounds—5 questions in 5 minutes with one of our astounding Byte employees. Ready to learn about our first team player? Say “Hello” to Georgette K., one of our Support Specialist in the Support Department at Byte!

Georgette Kilembi
Georgette Kilembi: Escalations Specialist / Support Department
  • What’s your “Why”?

    I understand what it’s like not to have confidence in every aspect of life due to having insecurities about your smile. I love seeing people confidently smile with their teeth showing and I know the confidence a great smile brings. It’s refreshing to be an advocate for people who want better smiles, help them with any issues they are having while at the same time working at a great company that supports empowerment and engagement.

  • How long have you been at Byte?

    I have been at Byte for 6 months now. I started in CX!

  • Where did you work prior to Byte?

    I was working at a small family owned contractor company in Utah helping with office/customer work. But then covid hit and there was no work; I was let go.

  • What was important to you when you were looking for your next role and applying at Byte?

    I love feeling involved and I like to contribute to growth and success. It’s very important to me to be able to offer feedback (and be given feedback) as well as pitch in any ideas I have that will help not only the company but the consumer as well. It’s also very important that I can stay with a company for a long time and grow within. Byte has definitely been amazing in communicating my needs and goals, and has really empowered me to be all in.

  • What advice would you give for someone who is looking to move up at Byte?

    Communicate your goals with your team leaders. Have initiative and be a team player. Start ups are great places to be, there are so many opportunities to grow!

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