Byte’s crushing on DJ Iesha Irene this Valentine’s Day — meet the artist!

February 9, 2021

This Valentine’s Day we decided to celebrate your baes, boos, and besties with an exclusive deal where you get two Impression Kits for the price of one! Find out more at #bytewithbae.

To get you in the mood to open wide and take some great impressions, we partnered with local Los Angeles DJ Iesha Irene (@ieshairene), who curated TWO amazing playlists for the Byte fam!

DJ Iesha Irene

We fell in love with Iesha’s vibes and wanted to catch up to learn a bit more about her!

DJ Iesha Irene
  • We LOVE the dual play lists, so what’s your take on Valentine’s Day, love it or leave it?

    Love it! I love the idea of love. 💕

  • Is there any new music that has come out during quarantine that you’re loving?

    Yes! I’ve been playing projects/songs from Jack Harlow, Jazmine Sullivan, Drake, H.E.R., Ty Dolla $ign, Dua Lipa, and Anderson Paak.

  • What’s one thing that you wish more people knew about you?

    Hmmmm...I feel like I’m an open book most of the time. But people don’t know that I’m really an extroverted introvert. I’m the middle child of five, so I know how to be social and I’m very outgoing. But I really enjoy my solitude, I feel like it helps me recharge the best.

    DJ Iesha Irene
  • Any advice for up and coming female DJs?

    Be yourself! No one is going to play music the way that you do, so stay true to your sound, your image and your style. There’s room for everyone so be willing to embrace and get to know fellow female DJs.

  • If you had to pick just one thing, what’s been your favorite part about using Byte aligners?

    Taking my impressions was so much fun! I loved playing with the mold.

  • Where can the Byte fam find you and listen!?

    You can find more info about me on my website, and check out live DJ sets on:

This wasn’t supposed to turn into a Byte post, but we couldn’t help but sharing the AMAZING video you made, it had the whole Byte marketing team jamming out!