Byte’s 5-in-5 with Mechelle T.

May 26, 2021

Want to learn a little more about the masterminds you’re speaking to about your Byte treatment? Who’s swiftly sending you your personalized aligners? Who’s running our social channels? Get the first look into who these Byte employees are in our 5-in-5 series!

It’s just like how it sounds—5 questions in 5 minutes with one of our astounding Byte employees. Ready to learn about our first team player? Say “hello” to Mechelle T. our Compliant Officer in the QA Department at Byte!

    Mechelle Tamayo. Compliant Officer / QA Department
  • What’s your Why?

    To help to try and make things better, whether that's at Byte, in the world, or in my personal life. I constantly try to help make things better. It helps me feel sane especially in the last year where things just didn't seem right in the world. Byte is that double whammy I get to help the company be #1 and in return, the company helps people transform their lives and smiles, which is very fulfilling.

  • How long have you been at Byte?

    2 years 3 months-ish. I started in February of 2019. I started as part of the OG CX team, when there was only 3.

  • Where did you work prior to Byte?

    I worked for a dog walking start-up, but prior to that, I worked in some well-recognized restaurants around LA in the pastry departments making delicious treats for almost a decade.

  • What was important to you when looking for your next role?

    I wanted to find a start-up that had the potential, for me I wanted a company that I could stay with for the long run and help build. It was also really important to me that the company was filled with great people. Ari interviewed me and I'm pretty sure we talked about food more than we talked about the position, and the non-traditional interview made me want to work for Byte.

  • What advice would you give someone who wants to move up at Byte?

    Be Flexible, Byte is growing and all we can do is keep up and have fun doing it. I think that kind of attitude thrives more in any situation and will be more recognized. Last week will not be the same as the next and being flexible is better so you can be molded by life than to be broken by it.

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