Cheers to 4 Years of Byte

August 30, 2022

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It’s Byte’s Birthday! That’s 4 impactful years of making dream smiles a reality and watching our community’s confidence journey unfold one day at a time. While we talk a lot about smiles, we’ve always been a brand that stands for much more than aesthetics. That’s because we understand that deciding to align your teeth is a deeply personal choice. 

We also acknowledge that without intentional, affordable at-home options, this is a choice that not everyone can make. That’s why Byte stands for making the inaccessible accessible—because your oral wellness routine shouldn’t be limited to how many dentists are in your hometown

Affordable at-home clear aligner treatments have always been our means to help transform smiles all across the world. Whether that means helping you straighten out your crowding or creating alignment without closing the gap you love. We know that your progress is a personal journey, and you're the one who should choose how that looks. We’re just here to make progress available to everyone, and that's what we'll continue working towards. One Byte treatment at a time. 

This last year, we’ve been making major moves to reach, well, the world. Starting with topping the charts as the best overall clear aligner company on Best Company. It’s no secret that we’ve been growing a lot, so we expanded our headquarters and office locations in LA and Utah. But we know that our reach shouldn’t stop there. So we also expanded our brand in Australia to continue realizing our goal of transforming smiles globally. 

Our dedication to your journey doesn’t end with you making the decision to align with Byte. In order to better help you achieve your dream smile from home, we launched our My Byte app to help you check-in, remind you when to switch aligners, and track your progress all on your phone—ranking us 4.7/5 on the app store!

“This year brought the release of the My Byte app, a powerful treatment companion that helps our customers achieve their new smiles more easily than ever! We're very proud of the feedback we've received from our users and can't wait to share all of the new updates coming to the MyByte app—starting with the Manual HyperByte Entry coming soon!”
- Geppi Iaia, Director of Product, Experience

Beyond our brand goals, you know we’ve always dedicated ourselves to the community. Through our ByteCares initiative, we were able to donate $22,000 to organizations and small businesses like Keep it Run Hundred, TODEC Legal Center, Wags and Walks, Los Angeles LGBT Center, and Black-owned small-business, Agrestal Beauty. Beyond monetary donations, we continue on our mission of providing access to oral health care for all by donating over 20,000 Byte oral health kits to communities in need, including a dedicated effort to support Afghan refugees as they resettle in Arizona. 

But enough about us. Let’s take a second to celebrate our badass community. From dream weddings to career changes to new relationships to finding yourself again, we’re honored to watch your confidence journey every day. You’re who makes us who we are. This year, Byte’s influencer, Hunter Church, represented the United States on the Bobsled Team in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. And Byte welcomed 10 MLB and NFL players into the Byte treatment family! To say that you make us look cool is an understatement. 

“Byte has always been motivated by access to oral health for anyone who needs it. We’re proud to cross a major milestone this year by reaching over 200,000 customers! Not only that, but our customer demographics reflect the diverse demographics of where we market the brand. Looking forward, our hope is that Byte will help to provide affordable orthodontic and oral health solutions to every community in the US and Australia."
- Nick Sarnoff, Head of Byte

While we celebrate 4 years of Byte, we’re looking ahead at what’s possible. And we want you to know that we’ve got even bigger dreams. Let’s take on this journey together.