Customer service you can actually count on.

June 13, 2019

Nothing screams headache like long wait times, international call centers, and automated voicemails. At Byte, our dynamic, 100% U.S. based customer service team, is here to help each customer in their journey to a smile you'll love. Why not have a personal touch for your perfect smile?

Don’t take it from us. Take it from the hundreds of patients who’ve enjoyed a fast, hassle-free journey to take back their confidence:

1. “Amazing customer service and all around amazing company! Honestly, the customer service is unparalleled to any other company I have ever had to contact. They are always giving 110% effort in any inquiry or questions you may have” –James G. (California)

2. “Have worked with Nate, Alyssa, Bryan, & Michele (I think!) and theyve all been wonderful. Top notch customer service. They answer my questions fully & quickly. Nate even called me today to answer a few different questions I sent in a row and got me all setup.” – Molly F. (Indiana)

3. “The customer service is incredible! I get reply emails within a day & theres always a live person when I call.” – Meg C. (Pennsylvania)

4. “Amazing Customer Service! From day one, someone was always available! From letting me know an item was being shipped to simply just asking how things were going. When Ive had questions, someone has responded right away.” – Michael

5. “Their customer service is amazing and they will do anything to get you your perfect smile! If there are any problems they have a quick response time and everything always gets resolved” – Alana N. (California)

6. “Perfect example of the American dream and Excellent customer support working hand in hand.” –Dexter S. (Washington D.C.)

7. “The customer service is beyond amazing… Out of all of the invisible aligned companies, I chose Byte and Im so glad I did!” - Erin F. (Washington)

8. “Great communication, and service. Everything was fairly simple and its great how customer service follows up.” - Raymond Q. (California)

9. “They have great customer support, a specialized Byte representative just for you, and they include all you need -- even the first retainer -- in the price of the service.” –Jeannine D. (Georgia)

10. “So far the customer service has been great! Ive had a crazy couple mo this with work and the Byte team hung in there with me” – Bradly Z. (Michigan)

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