Don’t let insurance stop you from achieving that perfect smile.

June 13, 2019

Have dental insurance, FSA, or HSA accounts but not sure how to use them? Our insurance team at Byte is here to help you figure it all out.

We meet you where you are. First step? Helping you find out if your Byte treatment can be covered by your insurance plan. After that? Well work with you to make sure paper work is a breeze and you understand what to expect next. No headaches, and well deal with the back and forth with your insurance company for you. All you need to do: focus on getting that perfect smile.

  • Straight From Our Customer’s Mouths:“Next up is the insurance portion, no one likes and/or understands much on how this will work out, however Byte’s insurance team is great to work with! very personal and very friendly, I worked with Philip, he helped me understand how it’ll all work out.” – Cody Stevens (Rhode Island).
  • “Philip in the reimbursement department treated me as if I was family and answered every question I had during the process going above and beyond. Reimbursements are an easy thing to request from your insurance provider, but Byte employees help and support you every step of the way.” –James G. (California)
  • “Byte was the perfect way to correct my smile without breaking the bank.” – Kathleen C. (California)
  • “The whole insurance coverage thing is so confusing. Byte’s insurance team checked my coverage and helped me prep my insurance claim. They were a godsend. Would not have been able to afford my aligners without their help. Thanks Aline & Philip!” – Byte patient
  • Byte was willing to work with us in regards to financing options. I have actually contacted customer service several times since receiving my aligners and have been very pleased to get responses to each question that I have” – Grace S. (Alabama)

Check your coverage now for free by calling: 1-866-478-5541

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