Get to Know The Queen of Smiles, Dr. Catrise Austin.

October 9, 2020

With over 200 licensed doctors, dentists, and orthodontists, Byte's Clinical Team has top performing doctors who've designed safe and effective treatments for our customers. Part of the Byte Clinical Team is one dentist who is a favorite of celebrities, models, athletes, and musicians and known as The Queen of Smiles herself, Dr. Catrise Austin. 

 Dr. Austin is a talented Cosmetic Dentist with a successful practice in New York. She graduated from University of Maryland Baltimore and is a trailblazing expert in dentistry with over 20 years of experience that she’s excited to bring to Byte’s customers. 

Dr. Austin

Dr. Catrise Austin

Q: How did you get started in dentistry and know it was your passion?”

 A: “When I got to high school, I kinda had my breaking point and started talking to my mom about wanting braces,” Dr. Austin said. “She took me to the dentist and said I was just getting my routine check-up and cleaning, and then it happened to be an appointment with the orthodontist. She worked towards getting me the braces I’ve always wanted.” 

 That smile transformation changed everything for Dr. Austin.

“When I got the braces off I really felt like a new person. My confidence completely changed my life and perception of how important and powerful a smile is.” From that moment, Dr. Austin knew she wanted to be a dentist. 

The Queen of Smiles herself got her big break after receiving a call in 2016 from MTV Love and Hip Hop: New York, to treat rapper Cardi B after social media spiraled into negativity around her teeth. 

Q: How did it feel getting the call from Love and Hip Hop: New York to transform Cardi B’s smile and your work being highly recognized after the transformation? 

A: “I was very, very honored to be a part of that smile makeover. The most surprising thing is how many people she has inspired to also do the same. Still to this day, people reach out because her new smile gave them hope. I’m lucky in that I get to do that same thing every day.”

Dr. Austin - Cardi B


“A beautiful smile doesn’t have to be just for the rich and famous. Oral health isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity” Dr. Austin said.

With her commitment to bringing beautiful smiles to even more people, it only made sense for Dr. Austin to join the Byte Clinical Team as one of our Cosmetic Dentists, helping increase access to oral health through teledentistry. 

Q: How/why did you join the Byte Clinical Team as one of our Cosmetic Dentists? And what are you most excited for when it comes to the oral health field? 

A: “Once I learned how affordable Byte was, and how patients don’t even need to be seen in the office—unlike some of the other systems—it’s incredible! Especially during a pandemic. Byte even works with dental insurance. Talk about bringing down barriers that can stop a person from getting the smile they’ve always wanted.”

Q: What is some advice you can give to people who are trying to feel more confident in their smile?

A: “Sexiness and having a beautiful smile has no age to it. If you really want to transform, and it’s something you feel like you deserve, whether someone else thinks you deserve it or not, you want that change, then go for it.”

While Dr. Austin has been treating patients throughout quarantine via teledentistry, she’s also kept busy in other ways. She has written two books - How To Start Your Own Teeth Whitening Business- In No Time!: A DIY Teeth Whitening Training Course That Will Help You Instantly Take A Bite Out of The Billion Dollar Teeth Whitening Industry and HOW TO BECOME A CELEBRITY DOCTOR: 5 Medical Marketing Secrets to Help You Elevate Your Income and Boost Your Industry Icon Status, both available on Amazon and her website 

And that’s not all. Dr. Austin also created a webinar about teeth whitening to help you find the teeth whitening products just right for you. Check out her free webinar at and her other books about oral health, how to get that Hollywood smile and her most popular book, GetSmiled!: The Ultimate Guide To Improving Your Image With Your Greatest Asset-YOUR SMILE!

You can keep up with more of Dr. Austin’s work and upcoming projects @drcatriseaustin and her website