Honoring Our Veterans

November 11, 2021

Today we recognize the service men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. This is a time to celebrate and honor those who are courageous fighters, serving in and outside of the United States.

We love featuring real customers, who sometimes also happen to be heroes 😉 No matter what sort of journey you are on, Byte is here to empower you to tackle challenges, big and small with a smile.

Let’s take this time to meet two of our Byte Servicemen!

Adam Tallarita

Adam Tallarita!

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Q: What does Veterans Day mean to you?

A: Each and every day a veteran has made some level of sacrifice to serve our country and make it the best in the world. Veterans Day is an opportunity to appreciate those who are willing to make sacrifices.

Q: Who has made an impact on your journey as a veteran?

A: I’d like to thank my neighbor growing up - he was a retired Army Master Sergeant. When my brothers and I were young, he took us out to look at the airplanes on static display. 15 years later I had my first flight in an F-18 Super Hornet from that same base.

Adam Tallarita

Q: How can we continue to honor the troops on Veterans Day?

A: Veterans enjoy reminiscing about the good times that they had while serving. Extending a thank you or starting a conversation with a veteran goes a long way. For those who are currently serving, sending mail is always a highlight of deployment. If you have the chance to send a family member or friend a postcard or a care package, it will certainly lift their spirits.

Q: What has it been like to do Byte while off duty?

A: The convenience of Byte at night has allowed me to fix my teeth without any impact to my work life. When I travel for extended periods of time, I just take my aligners with me. I love that I can complete my treatment at home without worrying about going into an orthodontist’s office.

Sgt. Jesus Aguilar

Sgt. Jesus Aguilar!

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Q: What does Veterans Day mean to you?

A: It is the one day out of the year that we can give recognition and thanks to our brave and courageous veterans, those who selflessly took up the challenge of serving our country and will forever fight for their brothers and sisters without any hesitation.

Q: Who has made an impact on your journey as a veteran?

A: I would like to thank my friends and family, past and present, who have served and made a significant impact on my decision to enlist. I would like to remind them they are never alone, Also, a shout out to my old Unit and all who served under it back at Fort Bliss, Texas, 3 ABCT 1 AD, 4-1 FA - Thank you for all the great times and molding me into the confident leader I am today.

Jesus Aguilar

Q: How has your family supported your decision to join and be a part of the military?

A: Family and friends play a significant role in our soldiers’ day-to-day life. Since day one, I’m blessed to have my wife Justine that has always been by my side through thick and thin. My wife consistently checks up on me and coaches me through tough times. Through her support, I am motivated to better myself.

Q: What’s it been like to use Byte while on active duty?

A: Using Byte while on active duty has been great! Everything I need to take to the field is easily placed in my shoulder pocket or in my hygiene kit. The protective case is not only compact and exceptionally durable, but it also remains unnoticeable in my uniform. It is extremely easy to pull them out, clean and pop them in with ease. When I took them to the field, I was able to fit my following sets in my hygiene kit without having the worry off veering schedule. I am happy to say that I look forward to my future smile.

Jesus Aguilar

Each and every day, Byte extends a huge thank you to all our veterans.