International Women’s Day: Empowering Words from Women at Byte

March 8, 2022

Here at Byte, we spend a lot of time celebrating our customers and empowering them to own their smiles. Today, we want to acknowledge a few of the people who make our work possible. Because March is Women’s History Month—and today is International Women’s Day—we thought this was the perfect time to introduce some of the women on our team as they share what makes them feel empowered.

Meet Laura Kelly

Laura is a senior social media specialist at Byte, and she knows first-hand the importance of not only pursuing her own dreams but having an employer who gives her the tools and support she needs to do just that.

Laura Kelly
I gave birth to my first baby last year, and honestly, I was really nervous that I wouldn't be able to continue working while being a mom. But working is something I am passionate about and wanted to keep doing, Laura said. Thankfully Byte has been able to work with me and help me realize that being a working mom is possible. I have seriously never felt so empowered.

When we asked her what she would say to other women to help them feel empowered, she told us...

You have to believe that you can do things that seem scary or unattainable. You just have to. Don’t allow your mind to accept the possibility that you have to settle. You literally can do this.

Meet Britani Peacock

At Byte, our customer support team is empowering our customers every day, and Britani is no exception. As a customer support and cx-social escalations manager, she’s committed to helping our customers with their new smiles every step of the way.

Britani Peacock
We asked Britani what makes her feel empowered as a woman. The fact that I grew a freaking human being inside of me! How is that possible? she said. Women are incredible. We couldn’t agree more.

Meet Yahaira Avalos

Yahaira is on the marketing team here at Byte as a reputation management coordinator, and for her, there’s nothing quite like watching other women succeed.

Yahaira Avalos
I feel empowered when I see the amazing women around me accomplish their goals and live out their dreams, and I feel empowered when I work hard and start to see my hard work pay off Yahaira said. I also love a quote from G.D. Anderson that says, ‘Feminism isn’t about making women strong. They are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.’

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