Let’s Talk Teeth: Does the Queen of Smiles Approve these Teeth Trends?

November 21, 2020

Quarantine has encouraged many people to try DIY trends from baking to tie-dying/bleaching every piece of clothing they own. These activities are harmless and enjoyable, but have you seen the at-home teeth trends on Instagram and TikTok? Byte’s Clinical Cosmetic Dentist and The Queen of Smiles, Dr. Catrise Austin, is here to tell you if these outrageous teeth trends are Queen of Smiles approved or not!

Trend 1: At-Home Teeth Shaving

At-home teeth shaving is one of the newest Tik Tok’s trends. People who aren’t happy with the shape of their natural teeth have been attempting ways to make them even. The method they’re using for a straighter smile? A nail file! This tooth trend has been going viral as more and more people try it. 


[TikTok: @acerendulicc]

Dr. Austin’s Advice:

“I get the reasoning why someone would think it’s a good idea, but it’s totally not. If you file too deep, you may get into that layer that’s just over the nerve, which is a lot more sensitive and can cause some serious damage. This is not a DIY trend you should be trying. Go to your dentist. It’s very affordable, so you can have a smooth, even smile without doing any harm.”

Trend 2: DIY Charcoal and Baking Soda Teeth Whitening

This tooth trend is one of the most popular ways to create a whiter smile either at home or from the store. Is one better than the other? Do either actually work? ​ 

Charcoal and Baking Soda

Dr. Austin’s Advice:

I’m totally for this trend! Charcoal is all natural, and not only does it make your teeth brighter, it has a purifying property that gets bacteria out of the mouth. Baking soda is one of the things that our grandparents did before all these whitening products became so popular. If you combine charcoal and baking soda with an electric toothbrush, it feels like you just had a professional cleaning with your dentist. I even wrote a book on charcoal called “The Ultimate Guide to Charcoal Teeth Whitening: How to Take Your Smile to The Next Level - The Natural Way.”

Trend 3: Oil Pulling

If you haven’t heard of oil pulling, it’s another alternative practice to achieve whiter teeth using coconut oil either from your pantry or pre-packed from the store. The edible oil is swished around your mouth for 15-20 min and then spit out, similar to mouthwash to achieve whiter smile results. 

Oil pulling

Dr. Austin’s Advice:

I've actually tried and really enjoy oil pulling—it made my mouth feel smooth and fresh! It has natural and antibacterial properties, which is why people have been doing it for centuries. Don’t swallow the oil, and be sure to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after removing any remaining oil. I’m going to give it a thumbs up as Queen of Smiles approved.”

Trend 4: At-Home Tooth Gems

Adding a little sparkle to your smile using tooth gems has been popular for years. Celebrities and artists on social media showing off their gems has led to the sale of at-home tooth gem kits. With these kits anyone can attempt applying 1-2 gems to their smile without seeing a professional.

Olivia Sade
[Youtube: Oliviasade]


Dr. Austin’s Advice:

I’m a little worried about people applying their own tooth gems at home. I know from personal experience, gems can fall off over time unless they are done properly. I would rather have a professional place the gems on your teeth using materials that have been approved for use in your mouth.”

Trend 5: At-Home Teeth Impression

Teledentistry and at-home smile treatments are growing even more popular, especially during quarantine. Let's see what Dr. Austin thinks about how more and more people are achieving a Hollywood smile even without stepping into a dentist's office. 

Impression Kit

Dr. Austin’s Advice:

Teledentistry is here to stay, and I’m glad to see people embracing this trend and getting their dream smiles at an affordable price! It’s so refreshing to know there is a company that can get you the results of moving your teeth to the proper position without having to be seen in office. I believe that Byte and teledentistry is the future. For anyone that’s skeptical about doing it, I’ve seen it work, and I encourage people to give it a try.” You can grab your $25 at-home Impression Kit today and start the Byte Journey here.

Now that you know which DIY teeth trends are Queen of Smiles approved, you can follow along and achieve a whiter, straighter smile. Learn more about Dr. Austin and the rest of our Byte Clinical Team here.