Referral program: get $100 for sharing Byte with friends and family.

June 1, 2020


Here’s a new perk that will make you smile! :) If you’re a fan of Byte, and want to spread the love, its now easier than ever. Our new referral program pays YOU to tell your story. For each person you refer, you’ll get $100 reward toward top retailers.  Just think of all your friends, family, coworkers, food delivery drivers, Instagram crushes, dog groomers, and astrology guides that have noticed your amazing new smile…  tell them! Youll feel like Oprah divulging your favorite things, and they will get an amazing $170 discount when they join Byte too.

How it works.

Start here, to generate your unique referral code. Just enter your email address and get your code that can easily be used via email, text, and social media.

 Referral program


Now that you have your unique link, it’s time to get creative! A picture really is worth a thousand words. Consider snapping a few photos to show people how much you love Byte. Remember to tag us on social media too!  😍

When your friends click on your unique link, your hard work is done, and we take over from here. Your referrals will get two amazing deals automatically added to their new Byte account: $70 off their impression kit and $100 off aligners. So it really is a win for them and a win for you! When they order their aligners you’ll automatically receive an email letting you know that youve earned a $100 reward toward top retailers. Its THAT easy, nothing else for you to do, we take care of the details. Send out those referral links and sit back and enjoy all that cash coming your way!


Awesome Friend


Question: Can this referral promotion be combined with other promo codes?
Answer: Unfortunately this deal cannot be combined with other codes.

Question: What if I lose my referral link?
Answer: Just create a new link here any time with your email address.

Question: Will I get paid if my friend is not a candidate?
Answer: If your friend is not a candidate, we will refund their impression kit purchase (which is great for them, no risk at all!) But unfortunately you won’t get your $100 reward toward top retailers unless they purchase aligners. On the bright side, most new patients are indeed candidates, so don’t be discouraged.

Question: What if I forget to send my link, but I referred a friend- can I still get paid?
Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot honor referrals that do not use the referral link or code provided.