Teledentistry 101.

June 22, 2020

Sometimes it feels like telehealth has just popped up over night, gone are the days of traditional office-based healthcare. Where did it come from and is it the way of the future? Heres the deets you may need. Time to decide if telehealth is right for you!


Teledentistry for the win!

Astronaut approved!

Believe it or not the idea of doctors and patients interacting remotely is not a new one. In the 60s NASA started sending people to space, but their doctors couldn't hitch a ride easily. Telehealth was born! Ironic that they started with the farthest distance possible, right? Speed up to the year 2020, now we have technology in the palm of our hands that can instantly connect us to medical specialists in nearly any field of medicine. Whether it's connecting a rural community with life saving healthcare or simply saving you a trip to the doctor's office there's a lot of great benefits. 

Teledentistry for the win! 

1. Help on demand.

No matter where you are in the world, you can access high quality professional care. You aren’t restricted by appointment times, long commutes, or crowded waiting rooms. Get the healthcare you need, on your terms.

2. Saves resources and cost.

Doctors offices are expensive to run! Those beautiful buildings with state of the art equipment and lots of staff come at a hefty price tag. So if your medical needs can be done remotely, think of all the cost savings. Lower overhead costs, means lower expenses for the patient. It’s a win/win, and you get to save up that gas money for your next road trip!

3. Improved engagement and patient success.

Have you ever felt embarrassed to ask a doctor a question? Or totally forgot to ask something important during your appointment? We’ve all been there. Not having so much pressure in medical care is actually a breath of fresh air. Lower stress combined with regular check-in's throughout your treatment keeps things on track, in an easy way. Have a question? Just pick up the phone or send an email, then relax, this is easy!


Dr. Marashi

Things to keep in mind.

Telehealth clearly has a lot of pros, but it’s still serious medical care and has a few important things to consider when you decide if it's a fit for you.

1. Safety trumps everything.

At the end of the day, teledentistry only works if it’s safe. Some cases are simple and straight forward and others are complicated. Complex cases often require traditional in-person treatment and facilities. Experienced medical professionals are the only ones who can assess each patient and decide if they are a candidate for remote treatment. Byte takes this seriously. We only accept customers who are great candidates for teledentistry and can safely use Byte for improving their smile. We don't compromise on safety. Your smile is with you for life, so getting it right is important.

2. Privacy matters.

Your medical privacy is really important. Properly managing and protecting your privacy is one of the most serious aspects of healthcare in a digital age. Whether it’s Byte or any provider, be sure that your data is safe and sound. Look for providers that are HIPAA compliant and trusted, reputable companies.

3. Professionals you can trust.

Who exactly is on the other end of the phone or email? Who exactly is overseeing your treatment? That’s an important thing to understand. Look for the same types of qualifications and certifications that you'd use if you were selecting a traditional, in-person doctor. Things like: degrees from accredited dental schools (e.g., DMD, DDS), years of experience, a valid license to operate in your state, great ratings with the Better Business Bureau, and lots of happy patients with great reviews.

Here at Byte, we have an army of dental experts who work together to review cases, design treatment plans, and check in with customers throughout their journey. No matter what state you live in, you are covered. We have a nationwide network of dentists and orthodontists! It’s not a one-doctor-fits-all mentality, we work with the same trusted dentists and orthodontists you'd visit for regular braces or Invisalign. One team, one dream!

Still have questions?

Ask away! Contact us and we will be happy to walk you through any of the specifics about Byte.

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