The HyperByte: clinically proven to straighten your teeth faster than invisible braces.

March 4, 2020

When it comes to straightening your smile, shortening your treatment time can be better with the right technology behind it. At Byte, we have invested millions in research and clinical trials to provide all of our customers with HyperByte®, our proprietary dental acceleration device. It’s an effective way to not only straighten your smile faster, but to make the whole process more comfortable and safer.

Published studies have found that High Frequency Vibration (HFV) technology results in faster treatment, fewer aligners required to complete treatment, and fewer refinements once treatment is complete. There are also recent studies that are proving that it also increases bone density so your teeth are more likely to stay in place after treatment.

HyperByte Science

First, let’s talk about how HyperByte® works—and why it works.

“High Frequency Vibration is a type of therapy we’ve used for our in-office patients for years,” said Dr. John Marashi, Byte’s Chief Cosmetic Officer. “It’s not just about speed of treatment. This type of vibration therapy helps to seat your aligners on your teeth to give them better traction, which means more accurate teeth movement.”

HyperByte® is a high frequency acceleration device that transmits soft micropulses through the roots of your teeth to the surrounding bone. This movement increases cellular activity for faster treatment.

But it’s not just about the micropulses. A huge part of the success of this type of treatment is that it makes sure your aligners fit more snugly around the teeth for more efficient tooth movement. ¹ Patients use HyperByte for five minutes a day, every day as a part of their byte treatment.

According to the Dental Tribune, “Improperly seated aligners can slow treatment, forcing patients back to previous trays, and create unintended collateral tooth movements, with a consequence being time consuming and costly refinements.”²

While some aligner companies will encourage patients to use “chewies” (pieces of rubber you chew on) to seat their aligners, it’s “unlikely that patients seat aligners fully. A seating protocol that only takes five minutes nightly, delivering a range of other patient benefits, would ensure that aligners are fully seated throughout treatment.”²

Additionally, the use of chewies can actually distort the aligner, which can “result in modified forces applied to the mouth as well as a significant increase in pain.”³ HyperByte’s soft mouthpiece and oscillating base are designed specifically and calibrated for your Byte aligners, making sure the aligners stay the shape they’re meant to be while delivering continuous vibrations to the teeth.

High Frequency Acceleration Makes for Better Aligner Treatment

A study published by Dentistry Journal in 2018 found patients who used an HFA (High Frequency Acceleration) device had shorter treatment times.³ In fact, using an acceleration device like HyperByte allowed patients to switch to their new aligners 66% faster than patients who completed aligner therapy without the device. These patients also required fewer sets of aligners to complete treatment.

Get this: The report found that aligner treatment using one of these devices worked better than those who did not use the device.

None of the subjects who used an HFA device required refinements after treatment to make sure their teeth moved where and how they were supposed to. Of the eight patients who served as the control in the study, not using an HFA device, six of eight did require refinements.

If you’re considering invisible aligner therapy, choosing a company that utilizes HFV therapy via a dental acceleration device (an HFA), like HyperByte, doesn’t just mean you’ll get your new smile faster. It means more accurate teeth movement. Since this is your smile—and your teeth—you’re talking about, accuracy is everything.

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