This is how much invisible aligners should actually cost you.

April 12, 2019

A great smile is priceless. But lets get real. Money is tight. You cant afford to spend more than you absolutely need to.

On average, teeth aligners or braces cost $5,600 without insurance.


We think that price is too high. You probably think so too.

Our price is $1,895 and still the best quality. Youll work with one of the worlds most sought-after cosmetic dentists, your teeth will finally complement your face, and youll get all sorts of perks. We can even help you cut the size of your final bill.

How can we do all this? Were glad you asked.

What's included in my fee?

Although were one of the most affordable options out, $1,900 is still a big chunk of change. Good thing you get so much more than just teeth aligners in return.

Your price includes:

  • Orthodontist review. First, an Orthodontist will review your teeth. They will look over your impression kit and design your treatment plan.

  • Invisible Aligners. You’ll get all of your aligners at once. We number each tray so there is no confusion on how to follow your plan. Need motivation? Look over the 3D model we send. See just what your teeth will look like when you’re done.

  • Treatment Accelerator. The HyperByte® accelerator tool cuts your treatment time in half and reduces potential discomfort.

  • Tooth whitener. Make your aligners do double duty. Load them up with BrightByte, our 3-in-1 tooth whitener, aligner cleaner, and breath freshener.

  • Retainers. Make that perfect smile stick. We include a medical-grade retainer after you’re finished with your aligners.

Dont have $1,895 rattling around in your sock drawer? We understand. But you might have something else that could help.

Your insurance plan may cover your better smile. We have a team dedicated to helping you figure this out.

Skip the hold music. Well call for you and see if its covered.

These two programs could also make paying for byte a little easier:

  • Flexible spending account (FSA): Companies give this option to employees. A bit of your money slides into an account, and you can use that to pay for healthcare. Here’s the hitch: You have to spend all of that money by the end of the year. Why not spend it on a better smile?

  • Health savings account (HSA): Your employer might offer this program. You can get it yourself too. Put pre-tax money in and use it on healthcare expenses. You don’t have to spend all of it every year. You might have money lurking from years prior. Spend that on your smile.

Finance to make it easy on your budget.

Theres no shame in a lack of insurance, FSAs, and HSAs. Don't let that kill your dream of a better smile and straight teeth. We offer financing options.

With our special BytePay™ program, everyone is approved for easy-to-manage financing. Really. It doesn’t matter what your income or credit score are. Plans start as low as $83/month and are available to everyone. If you want to learn more about BytePay, check out our Pricing page.

A better smile is priceless.

Talking about money is boring. Its also inconsequential. How much is a better smile worth? How about confidence? Only you know what its worth to you!

Stop debating. Start talking. Contact us to see if byte is right for you.


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