What is the HyperByte® and is it safe?

April 5, 2019

HyperByte® is Byte’s exclusive high frequency vibration device. Using the HyperByte device for just five minutes per day during treatment may help reduce discomfort and speed up orthodontic tooth movement.*

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Relax, skeptical friend.

This isnt a marketing ploy. Its a real solution, used and sold by Orthodontist for years. Reasons to byte? We are the only aligner system that offers this device.

Let us explain.

What is this thing?

HyperByte is about the size of your hand, and its shaped like a horseshoe on a stick. To use it, you will:

  • Put your aligners on.

  • Hold the handle.

  • Put the biteplate between your teeth.

  • Turn it on.

  • Hold for five minutes.

  • Feel the good vibrations.

HyperByte charges via USB port. You dont need an electrical outlet, so you can do your treatment anywhere. Most people do their vibrating at home, but if you want everyone to know how awesome your teeth are, you can do it anywhere. On the train, in the park, we won't judge.

Youll feel a gentle, buzzing vibration during your therapy. Its a little like using an electric toothbrush. Youll notice it, but its not overwhelming or unpleasant.

That buzzing is caused by high-frequency vibration (HFV). These tiny micro-pulses move down your teeth and back up again.‍

Why does it work?

Let’s get clinical for a minute. No, you wont need a medical dictionary to understand the concepts. But it helps to know what youre doing isnt a fad. There is science behind it.

Your teeth arent free-floating in your mouth. Theyre anchored to your skull and your jaw.

Aligners push on the tippy-top of a big piece of bone. Theres a lot going on beneath the gum line that you can't see. Tissues swell. Bones break down. Others form.

All of that movement causes inflammation. It can be painful too. Sometimes, it causes a lot of pain.

Enter HyperByte.

Those pulses of electricity give your teeth a gentle shake. Tiny connections that root your teeth to your gums loosen. You wont feel so much tension and stress. That means less pain.

Electricity also helps bone to break down easier, and it forms easier too. That means faster movement. Its like stepping on the gas.

Dentists have used tools like this for years. Orthopedists use them too. Whenever bones need to move or heal, electricity makes it happen faster and with less pain. You can think about it as a bone secret weapon — which isnt so secret anymore.

There's an added bonus in using a tool like this with byte. During each treatment, youre wearing your aligners. Each pulse sits your teeth in your trays just a little better. That may reduce pain. Hooray! It also can potentially speed up treatment.

Think about the quickest way to nestle crooked ice cubes in a tray. You shake it, right? This follows the same concept.‍

Do you prefer the slow lane?

We won't make you take up HyperByte therapy. But we dont see why you wouldn’t. After all, you need to get back to your hustle. Aligners are easy to wear, and no one will notice them. But still. Its something on your teeth. All day. Every day.

Why wouldn't you try it?‍


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