Why choose Byte: what customer reviews have to say.

May 12, 2020

Why choose byte

Guest Editor: McCall Robison | BestCompany.com

With invisible braces becoming increasingly more popular, the industry is getting competitive and is quickly filling with a number of companies. It’s difficult to know which provider you should choose, especially when you’re trusting the company with something as important as your smile. 

With Byte being one of the leading brands on the market, we wanted to delve into Byte reviews and see what qualities customers appreciated about the company. What is it about Byte that makes it stand out from its competition? We took a sample of Byte’s reviews and found the following to be the most common feedback from customers:

  • Quick treatment process
  • State-of-the-art technology — the HyperByte®
  • Excellent customer service
  • State licensed orthodontists and dentists
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast shipping and aligner turnaround
  • Quality aligner cleaner and teeth whitening product

Quick treatment process.

Byte's treatment is fast and convenient. With no trips to the dentist, you have the flexibility to straighten you teeth from home or on the go. A lot of customer reviews mention how quickly they start to see results and, compared to braces, Byte is lightning fast.

The majority of customers opt for invisible braces because of the convenience and the amount of time they save when compared to traditional metal braces. With a 3-month treatment time, Byte is giving consumers what they need to pair treatment with a busy lifestyle.

State-of-the-art technology — the HyperByte®.

Byte's secret weapon is a device it calls HyperByte. An electronic device that you place in your mouth and bite down on for five minutes a day. The same technology previously only available from an orthodontist. It may help reduce discomfort and speed up orthodontic tooth movement*

When reading customer reviews, the HyperByte is one of the things customers appreciate most about the company, especially since it quickens the treatment process and helps with tooth pain.

Excellent customer service.

When we compared Byte’s customer service reviews to competitors, we found that other companies don’t demonstrate the same personal attention that Byte does. 

Many consumers noted that other invisible braces companies are slow to get back to customer service requests and sometimes completely neglect customers halfway through treatment. You don’t want companies to drop off the grid during your invisible braces treatment, especially if there’s an issue you need resolved quickly.

Treatment plans overseen by state licensed orthodontists and dentists.

State licensed doctors oversee every customer’s treatment plan.

The process starts by reviewing your teeth molds and then we create a custom treatment plan for you. Once your treatment plan proposal is ready, we will review your 3D smile with you and show you what your teeth are expected to look like after treatment and how they are expected to move week over week. The Customer Care Team checks in regularly to ensure you are on track to achieve the smile you want. 

Competitive pricing.

Byte is one of the most affordable invisible braces companies on the market. With invisible braces often costing more than $3,000, Byte crushes the competition with its price point under $2,000. 

Byte has a lifetime guarantee that saves you money even after the invisible braces process is over because if your teeth move out of place again, Byte will cover your treatment for free.*

*Lifetime Guarantee based on post treatment compliance. See Guarantees for details. 

With two different price offerings, Byte has a one-time payment option of $1,895 or 29 monthly payments of $83 with a $349 deposit. When compared to top invisible braces companies — such as Invisalign — who charge nearly as much as metal braces that average out at $5,000+, Byte guarantees you a good deal, no matter what your situation.

Fast shipping and aligner turnaround.

Once you order your Impression Kit, Byte ships the package to you quickly, typically within 2–3 days. When you complete your teeth impressions and send them back to Byte in the provided pre-paid package, your aligners arrive in as little as four weeks. 

Consumers noted in their reviews that they loved the fast shipping and quick aligner turnaround. Some customers even noted that their aligners came quicker than suspected.

Quality aligner cleaner and teeth whitening product.

For most invisible braces providers, teeth whitening is an added bonus of treatment, but it’s separate from the process and requires additional purchased products and effort. Byte has a teeth whitener that also functions as an aligner cleaner — and a bottle is included as part of the invisible braces treatment. 

Called BrightByte, the teeth whitener and cleaner product is a foam that comes in a convenient bottle you can take with you anywhere. Whenever you want to clean your aligners and whiten your teeth, all you do is spray the foam into your aligners and then put your aligners back on your teeth. The foam will then turn clear and you can straighten your teeth, freshen your breath, clean your aligners, and whiten your teeth all at once. 

Customers appreciated the convenience of this and loved that they could whiten their teeth during their invisible braces process with no extra effort or added charge. Some invisible braces providers don’t even offer teeth whitening products, so customers appreciate that Byte has something to offer that many other companies don’t.

Is Byte right for you?

As we researched Byte reviews, Byte has an impeccable reputation for a reason. Customers like the simplicity of their invisible braces process and appreciate that the company doesn’t sacrifice its high-quality products or excellent customer service in order to make the process worry-free and straightforward. 

From start to finish, Byte is there to help you through your invisible braces journey with great products and excellent service. You can read more Byte reviews to get further information or you can see if you’re a candidate today