Women with Byte — celebrating Women’s Equality Day.

August 25, 2021

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Behind every great man is a great woman?? HA! How about we look for those great women who stand on their own, drive for change, and honestly kick butt in their fields. To celebrate Women’s Equality Day, we’ve reached out to some dear friends of Byte — women who inspire.

Our Head of Brand, Sarah McDonald was able to catch up with two great ladies to pick their brains a bit on what it means to be a female leader and how they get up every morning and have the ambition to keep making waves.


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Khloe Thompson

14 year old international philanthropist
and founder of Khloe Kares


Your ideas are impor­tant
and they will work.
– Khloe

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Dani Burrell

Founding Trainer at
Rumble Boxing Gym (@doyourumble)


The more uncomfortable I’ve been going after something, the better level of success I’ve been able to reach. – Dani

Here’s some of the highlights of the great conversation with Khloe and Dani:

Sarah: What would you tell young women entering a male-dominated profession?

Dani: You bring so much to the table and more. Women are multifaceted and have so many qualities that workplaces need to be successful. Know your worth and know that you are an asset.

Sarah: What is one thing you want to say to the next generation of female leaders?

Khloe: Lead with confidence! You are uniquely you and there is no one else like you! Which means you are special. Be confident no matter what task you are tackling.

Sarah: As a female leader, what has been the most significant barrier in your career?

Dani: Having young children is without a doubt the biggest gift and reasons behind my continued drive and success. However, it can be a challenge to give the same amount of time towards certain aspects of my career as my colleagues. This is why I have to make sure my work is always quality over quantity.

Sarah: We’re always curious what life hacks people have to get motivated in the morning. So, what’s your AM routine that helps you tackle the day?


  • Wake up and drink water
  • Open the windows and let the sun in
  • Write in gratitude journal
  • Shower


  • Open the curtains to bring in the light
  • Take out Byte At-Night aligners, brush my teeth, shower
  • Head to the gym for an hour
  • Attack the day with breakfast and emails (while playing oldies music to brighten my day)

Sarah: (I’m not going to lie, this last Q/A really got me. Her answer was surprisingly hopeful…is it possible that the next generation is growing up in a space with a much more even playing field than previously was the status quo??)

What would you tell young women entering a male-dominated profession?

Khloe: I honestly don’t worry about male-dominated anything! I’m 14, I’m educated, I’m professional, I know my worth, I stand firm in what I want and how I want things done, I can stand in a room full of men or women and be confident and I know my stuff. Young girls need to have the same attitude. Set the standard in which you want to be treated and create that atmosphere. Know your worth!

On that epic note — thanks to Sarah and the ladies for sharing this great chat. It was raw and it was hopeful. The team here at Byte is all about empowerment, and if you need a dose of, “heck yeah, girl, you got this!!”, our network of epic customer stories, influencers, and professionals can hopefully spark your confidence to go after your next big achievement. It’s ok to have some Byte 😉

Bonus Feature:

We asked everyone to share their best ‘pump up’ music to get you moving for your morning routine. Find it here. Dance like nobody is watching. HyperByte like nobody is watching. Get at your goals like nobody is watching. Whatever it is, do it with a smile, we’re right there with ya!