Zephian’s story
Zephian’s story

Home from the military and in search for a new career.

Nov 5, 2019

Meet Zephian.

After serving two tours overseas, Zephian was ready to begin a new chapter. He knew he wanted to start a career in media, but felt he had a couple of things to do before he could put his all into it. The first being a goal of upgrading his smile. After just 15 weeks in Byte, Zephian achieved unbelievable results and is ready to attack his career aspirations head on.

Q. Why did you want to change your smile?

Well, when I was on my second deployment I started thinking about the things I wanted to do when I got home. Career-wise, I had a vision of being in front of the camera and doing more commercial things. I had the outfits, personality and skills needed but I knew my smile was lacking. It was the one area that I needed fixed asap to move towards my dreams.

Q. Why made you pick Byte over competitors?

Once I got home, I started looking for ways to straighten my teeth and the first thing I thought of was Invisalign. But they were so expensive so I then went on Instagram to look up other options that would be more affordable. I know this is random, but my favorite color is red, so when I saw Byte, they instantly stuck out because of the branding. Then I read they were faster than braces...faster? At that point I was hooked and knew they were the best option with the best price.

Q. Your results are amazing! How did the experience feel?

Byte made it so easy. They send you a box with everything in it to take molds of your teeth. Their book explains step by step what you need to do. At first when I took the photos of my teeth, I was worried because they looked real bad but once I saw the plan they created, I knew by the end of the journey, they were going to look great. Their team is on it and they want to help you get your perfect smile. Once I got my aligners, I put them in and they didn't heart at all. No pain! I switched my aligners every week, at night. In no time, I had the smile I had dreamed of.

Q. Now that your done, would you recommend Byte?

I would recommend Byte to anybody that’s trying to fix their smile for a reasonable price and fast! It worked for me so I love showing off my results and telling friends to try Byte.

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