Byte vs. ALIGNERCO: How They Compare

Byte vs. ALIGNERCO: How They Compare
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Byte vs. ALIGNERCO: How They CompareClinical Content Reviewed by Dr. Jay Khorsandi, DDS
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Table of Contents

  1. Impression
  2. Payment
  3. Treatment
  4. Assistance
  5. Protection
  6. Decision
  7. References

Straight teeth can mean more confidence, better oral health, and a higher quality of life. At-home, doctor-monitored aligners can help you to get that straight smile, but you need to choose the right company to work with.

If you do your homework before you make a purchase, you're not alone. More than 80 percent of customers do online research before they spend their hard-earned cash.

We’ve outlined a comparison between aligners from Byte and ones from ALIGNERCO. We'll go step by step through the aligner process and highlight similarities and differences so you can make an informed choice.

Step 1: Impression Kits

You're focused on what your teeth will look like after aligner treatment. But your team must know what your teeth look like now, so they can put together a plan for you. Impression kits make this possible.

Both Byte and ALIGNERCO start with at-home impression kits. You're sent putty and trays, and you use those tools to make impressions of your current smile. You send the kits back for analysis.

Differences between Byte and ALIGNERCO involve:

impression kits
ALIGNERCO impression kits cost just $39.99. Agree to pay for your entire aligner treatment in one payment, and you'll get that fee refunded. Our kits cost a bit more at $95.
State-licensed dentists and orthodontists approve treatment plans at Byte and ALIGNERCO.
Both Byte and ALIGNERCO offer 3d models of what your teeth will look like after your kit has been returned.

Both Byte and ALIGNERCO offer refunds on impression kits. If teams look over your teeth and feel that clear aligners aren't quite right for you, the money you spent to get the kits comes right back into your account.

Working with impression kits can be tricky, but this step is critical. Staff needs clear, crisp models of your teeth to guide the treatment plan. Both Byte and ALIGNERCO offer impression kit help in case you get stuck.

alignerco vs byte costs

Step 2: Pay for Treatment

If you're a good candidate for aligners and you approve of the treatment plan, it's time to seal the contract with a payment. Aligners are made to fit your mouth and teeth, so companies don't keep stacks of generic versions sitting on shelves for shipment. They make aligners on demand, and your payment starts the process.

Significant price differences between Byte and ALIGNERCO exist, including:

Overall Cost
Pay upfront, and ALIGNERCO charges $1,145 all at once. Our full aligner set costs $1,999, although we do offer some additional benefits that ALIGNERCO does not.
The HyperByte®, a tooth movement accelerator that you use for 5 minutes per day, is included with your full Byte purchase fee. Both companies offer teeth whitening add-ons.
Both companies offer discounts for certain groups. Byte offers discounts for Teachers, Military and others. ALIGNERCO offers discounts for veterans, teens and others.
Credit Checks
Both Byte and ALIGNERCO offer payment plans, and neither require a credit check.
Do your research to make a wise aligners selection, and choose a partner that truly cares about your investment in your smile.

Step 3: Follow Your Treatment Plan

Both Byte and ALIGNERCO offer a similar form of treatment. Aligners come to your house with instructions. Follow the treatment plan for an improved smile.

Treatment plan differences involve:

Length of Treatment

ALIGNERCO needs 6 to 11 months to work. Byte treatment timelines can be as short 2 to 4 months. Our HyperByte tool can help contribute to the shorter treatment time. The gentle vibrations emitted by that tool help your aligners to fit better, and you might feel less discomfort too. You use this tool for only 5 minutes per day.

Project Kickoff
ALIGNERCO needs up to 7 weeks to complete your treatment plan and send you aligners. Byte can send your aligners in as little as 4 weeks.
With Byte, your clinical team is there to help oversee your progress through aligners. This ensures everything is progressing as it should. ALIGNERCO offers supervision through a team of licensed dental experts.
Treatment Speed
ALIGNERCO plans involve changing your trays every 2 weeks. In our accellerated treatment, we ask our clients to swap out their trays once per week.
No matter what company you use, expect to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours per day. Leaving the trays out for long periods of time slows down your progress.

Step 4: Get Help When Needed

Byte provides access to treatment plans directed by doctors - as does ALIGNERCO - and both companies use aligners made just for their clients rather than out-of-the-box products.

Choose either Byte or ALIGNERCO, and you'll get help via:

  • Live chat
  • Phone
  • Email

Contact the company, and talk about the problems you're having. At Byte, we help adjust treatment plans on the fly if things aren't working. We might ask you to take new impressions and follow a new aligner program.

ALIGNERCO doesn't disclose how they help customers with treatment issues. But it's reasonable to expect that they can also fix treatment plans that aren't working.

Step 5: Protect Your New Smile

Aligners apply gentle pressure to shift your teeth in a new direction. When the treatment is complete, your smile should be straighter. But without help, your old smile could return.

Both Byte and ALIGNERCO provide retainers with their prescribed aligners. You're encouraged to wear them after formal treatment ends to keep your teeth firmly in position. You might wear them during the day initially following treatment, but they are generally recommended for regular overnight use.

But only Byte offers reassurance. The Byte for Life Guarantee™ ensures that you can get new aligners at no charge if you've followed all of the treatment guidelines we offer you.

ALIGNERCO will refund the cost of your impression kit if they determine you are not a candidate, but after your order has been processed, no refunds are accepted.

There are terms and conditions involved, but this plan is meant to ensure that you're happy with your smile and that you encourage others to join Byte. It's an aspect of the program we're really happy to offer (and customers love it too).

ImpressionsAt-home impression kit for $95, checked by a state-licensed dentist or orthodontistAt-home impression kit for $39.99. Unclear who checks your kits.
Cost$1,999 with discounts available and 0% APR payment plans$1,145 one-time payment with discounts available
PerksTooth-whitening kit, HyperByte tooth moving acceleratorTooth whitening kit
Treatment time2 to 4 months6 to 11 months
Customer serviceVirtual visits with online help always availableVirtual visits with online help always available
ProtectionByte for Life Guarantee protects your smileNo guarantees available

Make the Right Choice

ALIGNERCO can be a great and effective option, especially for those who are primarily concerned with cost.

Byte offers some extra perks, especially our accelerated treatment timelines.

If you'd like to join the Byte family after reading this comparison, we'd love to have you. Contact us, and we'll ship your impression kit to you to start the process.


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