Byte vs. Candid: Which Clear Aligner Is the Best?

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Table of Contents

  1. Key Facts
  2. How to Get Started
  3. Treatment Timeline
  4. Professional Supervision
  5. Comparing Costs
  6. Which Provider is more Convenient?
  7. Comparing Appearance
  8. Comparing Customer Experience
  9. Which Teeth Aligner Company is Right for You?

Both Candid and Byte offer clear aligners that can move your teeth. And both use telemedicine techniques, so you can skip routine checkup appointments.

But there are important differences between Candid and Byte. Price, guarantees, availability, and eligibility could make one company better for you than the other.

Byte vs. Candid: Which Clear Aligner Is the Best?
How to get startedVirtual; available everywhereIn person; availability varies by location
Treatment timeline (average)4 months6–9 months
Professional supervisionTelemedicine appointmentsIn-person kickoff; telemedicine checkups
Cost$1,999Varies by provider
ConvenienceVery convenient due to telemedicine techniques and a nighttime-only optionSome find an in-person kickoff convenient; telemedicine checkups allow you to skip appointments
AppearanceSmooth, translucent alignerFrosted, textured aligner
Customer experienceDedicated advisor; doctors licensed in your state24/7 app assistance; could check in with provider in emergencies

Key Facts Comparing Byte & Candid

Both Candid and Byte offer aligners and an at-home telemedicine treatment experience. But there are several important differences:

  • Cost: Byte offers an across-the-country price of $2,099 for standard aligners and $2,499 for nighttime-only aligners. No matter where you live, this is your aligner cost.Candid lets providers set pricing, so you could pay more in one location than another. You might need to shop around for the best deal.

  • Guarantees: Byte provides a Byte for Life guarantee that protects your smile after treatment. Follow your plan, and you'll get free help if your teeth move out of alignment later. Candid does not.

  • Emergency care: A local dental professional kicks off your Candid treatment plan. If something goes wrong, you could potentially visit this person for help. Byte offers virtual treatment only.

  • Length of treatment: A typical Byte treatment timeline is 4 months. Candid can take 6 to 9 months.

  • Treatment options: Byte provides an aligner-at-night therapy that keeps your teeth bare during the day. Candid does not.

How to Get Started

A dental professional assesses your oral health, and that person pulls together a series of aligners that gently move your teeth into the proper position. How your treatment starts and who is in charge are slightly different in the Byte and Candid models.

Getting Started with Byte

Byte is a telemedicine dental company that brings quality care to your home with no in-person appointments required. The work starts with at-home impression kits and photos. Byte sends all the materials you need, along with friendly and easy-to-follow instructions.

The process is quick and easy, but professionals can help you move through each step if you get stuck. 

When your impressions are complete, a dental professional reviews them and creates a plan. You'll see a 3D model that details each step of your journey to a better smile. 

How does Byte Work?

Byte is made for busy people who don't want to waste time in crowded orthodontic offices. And it's ideal for people who don't live near an orthodontist but want a better smile.Using Byte is easy and involves the following steps:

  1. Approve your plan. Review the 3D model and ensure you'll get the smile you want. Approve the plan, and your first 15 trays will arrive in the mail. 

  2. Wear your aligners. Choose the traditional option, and you'll wear your trays most of the day. Choose the nighttime option, and you'll wear them at night.

  3. Speed up your treatment. Use the HyperByte tool included with your kit to gently vibrate your trays into position and reduce pain. This innovative tool is responsible for Byte's short treatment times. 

  4. Stay in touch. Upload photos of your teeth via the Byte app. Your team can guide you and answer any questions you have along the way. 

  5. Change your aligners. Swap out trays for new versions on a schedule set by your doctor and treatment team. 

  6. Finish treatment. In a few months, you're done with treatment.

Getting Started with Candid 

Candid has a network of more than 300 dental partners who start your treatment journey. Find a partner dentist near you, and make an appointment. During your office visit, the dentist will assess your teeth and take aligner measurements. 

If you're approved for Candid treatment, your aligners will come in the mail. And they'll be conveniently numbered, so you know just where to start.

How does Candid Work?

While Candid requires patients to visit a doctor for an initial assessment, this is the only in-person appointment needed. The rest of the work happens via telemedicine.Here's how it works:

  1. Accept your aligners. They'll come right to your home. 

  2. Submit photos. A special photo tool is tucked inside your aligner box. It spreads your lips wide and attaches to your phone. Take your photos and upload them via the Candid app every 14 days.

  3. Change your trays. You'll swap old trays for new ones on a schedule set by your doctor and treatment team. 

  4. Complete your care. In a few months, you're done.

Treatment Timeline: Which is Quicker?

Both Byte and Candid offer quick treatment times for people who want to improve their smiles. But Byte has the edge in terms of moving teeth quickly and safely.

Byte vs. Candid: Which Clear Aligner Is the Best?_1
Treatment timeline4 months6–9 months
Speed-improving techniquesHyperByteNone

Byte Treatment Timeline

Byte has one of the quickest treatment timelines available, and that's due to the innovative HyperByte tool.

Place this tool in your mouth, and turn it on for a few moments. You'll feel your teeth gently vibrate, and the aligners will fit onto your teeth better. That vibration can also help bone to remodel, which moves your teeth quicker.

Two Byte treatment options are available, and they're both very quick. All-day aligners take an average of 4 months. Night-only aligners take an average of 5 months. 

Candid Treatment Timeline

A typical Candid treatment timeline is 6 to 9 months. Getting started can take time too. You must make an appointment in person to kick off your treatment plan, and some doctors have long wait times for new patients.

Professional Supervision

Both Byte and Candid provide treatment supervision via telemedicine. Intuitive apps keep you connected with your team, even though you get to skip the hassle of in-person checkup appointments. 

Byte Supervision & Support

Byte has a nationwide network of dental professionals. Sign up, and you'll be matched with an expert in your state. That doctor will supervise your treatment program from start to finish.

You'll also have a dedicated Byte personal advisor who knows you, your mouth, and your treatment plan. If you have questions about your progress, this person offers answers quickly.

Candid Supervision & Support 

Your dentist kicks off your treatment program. Potentially, this dental professional could spot problems with your teeth (like cracking or gum disease) that should be addressed before your journey begins. 

After you're approved for treatment, you'll use the Candid app to stay in touch with a treatment team. Every 14 days, you'll submit photos and ensure that everything is moving properly. 

If something goes wrong, you could potentially step outside of the app experience and visit your dentist in person. But Candid also offers 24/7 support via the app.

Byte vs. Candid: Which Clear Aligner Is the Best?_2
Dental networkNationwideLimited by local availability
KickoffVirtualIn person
Ongoing supportAppApp

Comparing Costs: Which is Less Expensive?

Doctor-monitored, at-home aligners like those offered by Byte and Candid come with significant savings. Braces cost almost twice as much as aligners do.

But dig a little deeper, and you'll spot differences that could save you money.

Byte vs. Candid: Which Clear Aligner Is the Best?_3
Cost$2,099Varies (dentists can set pricing)
DiscountsTeachers, military first responders, and studentsVaries
Credit checksForms provided to help with insurance reimbursementVaries
InsuranceSmile guaranteed for lifeVaries

How much does Byte Cost?

Byte pricing varies depending on the treatment type you prefer.

  • All-day aligners: $2,099 one-time payment or $89 per month

  • At-night aligners: $2,499 one-time payment or $106 per month

Save money through Byte's cost-savings programs like these:

  • First responder discounts

  • Military discounts

  • No fees for early payments

  • Promotional offers

  • Student discounts

Take advantage of Byte's lifetime guarantee to protect your investment. Follow your treatment plan, and you'll get treatment support if your teeth move later. 

DID YOU KNOW Byte aligners may be covered by your insurance–but cost as little as $89 a month even without coverage.

How much does Candid Cost?

Candid works with a network of providers throughout the United States. These professionals can set pricing, and the costs can vary depending on where you live, the severity of your tooth issue, and more. 

Since dental professionals can set prices, they can also determine whether they offer discounts or guarantees or insurance payments. 

This model was popularized by Invisalign, and it makes determining costs tough. Your price can really vary depending on too many factors to name.

Which Provider is more Convenient?

Both Byte and Candid rely on telemedicine techniques for progress appointments. But some prefer the convenience of Candid's in-person kickoff model. 

How Convenient is Byte?

People hoping for a quick, efficient, at-home treatment model will be pleased with Byte. It's convenient due to the following:

  • Availability: Anyone in any state can work with Byte, even if they don't have an orthodontist within driving distance. 

  • Telemedicine: A dental professional is in charge of your treatment plan at every step. But you don't need to make cumbersome appointments to stay in touch. 

  • Personalization: One Byte advisor can answer your questions, ensuring that you don't have to repeat your entire treatment history when you need help.

  • Intuitive app: The Byte platform is easy for anyone, including people who aren't tech savvy.

How Convenient is Candid?

An in-person assessment model can be more convenient for some people. The Candid program offers the following:

  • Real-time assessments: A dental professional looks over your mouth in person before treatment begins. Underlying health conditions could be caught and treated before your teeth move. 

  • Intuitive app: After your assessment, you move to an app model. Candid makes staying in touch very easy. 

  • In-person help: If something goes wrong, you could potentially visit your local dental professional for an assessment and adjustment.

Byte vs. Candid: Which Clear Aligner Is the Best?_4
Who answers questions?A Byte advisor or a dental professional in your stateThe Candid team, or potentially, your local dentist
How do you stay connected?TelemedicineTelemedicine
Who can participate?Anyone in the United StatesPeople who live near someone offering Candid

Comparing Appearance: Byte vs. Candid

Both Byte and Candid offer clear aligners to move your teeth gently and conveniently. But they do have a slightly different appearance. 

Byte Clear Aligners

Byte products look like this:

  • Clear: Your trays are made of medical-grade polymer film. They don't have film or bubbles. They do tend to shine. 

  • Angular: Byte aligners are cut straight across, so they don't follow the gum line. 

  • Smooth: Trays don't snap onto your teeth with attachments or hooks. 

Candid Clear Aligners

Candid's aligners look like this:

  • Frosted: Candid's aligners have a slightly clouded, bubbled appearance. They do not shine in the sun when you smile or talk. 

  • Straight: Aligners are cut straight across rather than following the gum line.

  • Smooth: You don't need hooks or other permanent fixtures on your teeth. Aligners snap into place.

Comparing the Customer Experience

Both Candid and Byte rely on telemedicine techniques for progress appointments. And both offer intensive care if something goes wrong. 

What can Customers Expect with Byte?

Byte assigns an advisor to each customer. If you have a problem, question, or concern, you'll log into the app and talk to the same person each time. For some people, this personalized care means the difference between satisfaction and irritation.

Byte also offers the following:

  • Easy replacements: Accidents happen, and people can lose or break aligners. Get a replacement aligner quickly with Byte. 

  • Professional supervision: A dental professional licensed in your state is in charge of your treatment program. 

  • 24/7 support: Log into the app to get help around the clock with anything you need. 

  • Solid guarantees: Follow your treatment plan, and you'll get help if your teeth move out of place later. 

What can Customers Expect with Candid?

Your first appointment is with a dental professional in your location. You'll sit for a comprehensive exam and ensure you're a good candidate for treatment. For some people, this is an incredibly important option.

Candid also offers the following:

  • Online support: Log into the app 24/7 and get help with any questions, concerns, or other related issues. Someone is always available. 

  • Regular check-ins: Customers are required to submit photos every 14 days. This mandatory step ensures that doctors are always looking at your changing mouth.

  • In-person assistance: While the app can help with most problems, some people can visit their original dentist with questions if something goes wrong.

Which Teeth Aligner Company is Right for You?

Do you want to know your upfront costs right away? Or do you want to work with someone locally just in case something goes wrong? Byte and Candid differ based on their approach to pricing and treatment supervision. 

Is Byte Right for You?

Byte comes out ahead in terms of the following:

  • Cost: You'll pay less, and you'll have more flexibility in payment plans.

  • Discounts: You might save even more if you're a first responder or veteran.

  • Availability: You don't need to find a local dentist to work with Byte. We'll find one in your state. 

  • Guarantees: Your smile is protected.

Is Candid Right for You?

If you're hoping for in-person assessments and a live person to visit if something goes wrong, Candid could be a smart choice. You'll get the convenience of telemedicine and real-time help combined.

Disclaimer: This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about general oral health topics. It is not intended to serve as dental or other professional health advice and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of any condition or symptom. You should consult a dentist or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.