Clear Aligners Apps: What Are They & Why Are They Important

Clear Aligners Apps: What Are They & Why Are They Important
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Table of Contents

  1. What Are They?
  2. Why They Are Important?
  3. Benefits
  4. How Apps Improve Outcomes
  5. Popular Aligner Apps
  6. References

Most providers of clear aligners have an accompanying app that can help you keep up with your treatment. 

Unlike with traditional braces, you are in direct control of your treatment clear aligners. 

It is up to you to wear the clear aligners the proper amount of time each day and change the trays at the right time. You have to stay on top of this to get the results you want.

The majority of people spend between three and six hours per day on their smartphones for recreational use. Smartphone apps are a way of life. A clear aligner app can help to simplify your orthodontic treatment and improve your treatment outcomes.

What is a clear aligners app?

A clear aligners app is a mobile application that dentists and patients can use to help monitor and keep track of aligner treatment. Clear aligners apps vary by brand, as most providers offer one. Some clear aligner apps are more advanced than others. 

A comprehensive and advanced clear aligners app can provide the following:

  • Allows for direct connection between the patient and treatment team 
  • Helps both dentists and patients to keep track of appointments
  • Lets the provider know when to prepare the next batch of aligners for the patient
  • Sends reminders to the patient for appointments, when to put in and take out the trays, and when to switch the trays
  • Aids with progress tracking
  • Enables the patient to order products directly from the app

Clear aligner apps are readily available directly from the manufacturer of the clear aligners or the company’s website, the App Store (for iPhone and Apple users) or the Google Play store (for Android users), or your dental provider. 

These apps are easy and simple to download, install, and use. They can complement your clear aligners orthodontic treatment.

Why are clear aligner apps important?

Clear aligners apps are important to aid in your orthodontic treatment plan. They can provide a helpful and easy connection between the dentist and the patient. 

With clear aligners, you are responsible for keeping track of how long you wear your clear aligners each day and when to change the trays for a tighter fit. You will not have your dental provider in your ear all the time reminding you of how to keep up with your treatment. 

This is where the clear aligners app comes in. It can help you to manage the entire process from start to finish. 

The clear aligners app can help you set a timer for how long to wear your aligners every day, so you can more easily keep track of the timeline. It can also help you to track progress and see on a calendar when to change the trays and when to schedule your necessary appointments. 

The app can signal the dental provider when it is time to start preparing your next batch of aligners and when you need to schedule an appointment. 

Ultimately, a clear aligners app can simplify your treatment, serving as an important tool to ensure you stay on track.


Clear aligners apps have numerous benefits, which can include the following:

  • They are easy to download and install. Most brands have an app that can be downloaded from an app store, the company’s website, or the dental provider.
  • They are simple to set up, use, and navigate.
  • They provide you with a timer and/or alerts to remind you to put your aligners back in, and they keep track of how long you wear them each day.
  • They give you a calendar to help you track your progress and also when to change your trays and schedule orthodontic appointments.
  • You have the ability to easily see your progress, as many apps have a feature that lets you take and upload pictures of your teeth. You can then directly see the progress you are making.
  • Many apps offer virtual treatment options where you can publish daily notes about your treatment, and data can be uploaded to your dentist or clear aligner manufacturer.
  • Apps can provide tips on how to care for your clear aligners.
  • Clear aligners apps can connect patient and provider, alerting the provider as to when treatment should be adjusted.
  • They simplify appointment scheduling, as you can often make an appointment with your dental provider directly through the app when necessary.
  • They are highly customizable. Since no two treatment plans are alike, most apps will allow you to customize settings to support your personal treatment plan, including the length of time per day you are supposed to wear your aligners (typically 22 hours per day) and the frequency with which you are to change your trays (often around every two weeks).

Each clear aligners app will be a little bit different based on the brand and can host various features. Some are more advanced than others, offering a more comprehensive technological approach.

How apps can improve treatment outcomes

Clear aligners are designed to be worn for the majority of the day in order to see the desired results. Life can be busy, however, and it can be easy to forget to put them back in after taking them out, such as when you take them out to eat or brush your teeth. 

For optimal treatment outcomes, you need to wear your clear aligners for the recommended amount of time. Clear aligners apps can help you to set timers, alerts, and reminders that can simplify the process. With this assistance, it is one less thing you have to consciously remember. 

A clear aligners app can also make it easier to set your appointments and keep track of your progress. Clear aligners are only as successful as your treatment regime. It is important to keep up with regular appointments and change your trays at the required intervals. 

It can also be beneficial to your treatment to monitor your progress. It is easier to stay committed when you can see clear progression toward your goals.


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