How to make a good impression.

Get ready to impress

Everything you need to know to start your smile journey in 3 simple steps

1. Take Impressions

1. Take impressions

Custom aligners designed just for you depend on capturing reliable impression molds of your teeth. Here’s how to do it right.

IKit Instructions - 2. Smile Selfies

2. Smile Selfies

Grab your phone! We need you to post a few photos of your teeth in your Byte profile so we can complete your evaluation.

3. Ship it back

3. Ship it back for free!

  1. Place all your completed impressions back in the tray.

  2. Cover them with the cardboard insert, close the box, and pop it inside the prepaid postal envelope.

  3. Drop it off at any local post office or arrange to have them pick it up.

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