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Impression KitImpression Kit

Impression Kit


The first step in your journey with Byte.* Includes everything you need to send us impressions of your teeth.

Byte RetainersByte Retainers

Byte Retainers


Keep your teeth in place with nighttime retainers. It’s a smart way to protect your investment in your smile.

Byte Protection PlanByte Protection Plan

Byte Protection Plan


Get 5 years of retainers to maintain your smile, plus coverage for lost or stolen aligners.



On Sale $30

3-in-1 teeth whitener, aligner cleanser and breath freshener. Careful, results can be amazingly bright.




With our exclusive HyperByte device included with each aligner kit, our aligner plans deliver fast results for a smile you'll love.

Whitening and Wellness

BrightByte ProBrightByte Pro

BrightByte Pro


Premium whitening kit complete with a wireless, multi-spectrum LED mouth tray.

BrightByte Pro Travel PensBrightByte Pro Travel Pens

BrightByte Pro Travel Pens


Perfect for on-the-go whitening. Can be used with or without the LED accelerator light.

Travel KitTravel Kit

Travel Kit


Your daily brushing routine in a mini travel bag.

Serum DuoSerum Duo

Serum Duo


Enhanced oral care support during and after aligner treatment

Lip DuoLip Duo

Lip Duo


The dynamic duo to treat your lips right day and night.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Byte FizzByte Fizz

Byte Fizz

Starting at $10

Cleansing tablets for fresher aligners and retainers!

Ultrasonic CleanerUltrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner


Tackle stains and germs in just 5 minutes with our compact cleaning machine!

Portable UV SanitizerPortable UV Sanitizer

Portable UV Sanitizer


This premium aligner storage case kills 99.99% of germs with UV light technology.


Aligner CaseAligner Case

Aligner Case


Your aligners only belong in two places; Your mouth or this case! Get a replacement or extra to keep them safe!

HyperByte Replacement MouthpieceHyperByte Replacement Mouthpiece

HyperByte Replacement Mouthpiece


HyperByte® is key to making your #smilegoals. Replacing a damaged mouthpiece will keep you on track!