The Aligner Accessories Every Clear Aligner Wearer Must Have

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  1. Accessories for a Clean & Healthy Mouth

While aligners are generally easy to wear and maintain, a few accessories can make living with them easier.

From the right case to specialized cleaning solutions, here's a look at the key accessories every aligner wearer should have.

Aligner Accessories to Keep your Mouth Clean & Healthy

Aligners are easy to remove for daily cleaning, lowering your risk of dental decay. But you must preserve your smile and your health during your treatment program.Your mouth has about 700 species of microbes, and some could harm your teeth. These tools can help. 

Dental Hygiene Tools 

A soft-bristled toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, and dental floss will help you clean your teeth thoroughly whenever you remove the aligners. An oral irrigator can help clean between close-together teeth that you can't floss. And a good mouthwash will keep bad breath at bay.

Aligner Cleaning Spray

Bacteria buildup on your aligners can change them from clear to cloudy. And all of those colonies could hop from your trays to your teeth.

Aligner cleaning sprays remove those harmful bacterial colonies, and they can keep your breath fresh too. 

While the traditional way to clean your aligners is with soaking tablets or a toothbrush, both of these cleaning options can be cumbersome. A cleaning spray is easier to use. 

You spritz it on your orthodontic device after you’ve removed it. The cleaning spray kills germs that cause bad breath without damaging your aligners.

Clean aligners & whiten teeth with BrightByte™

Get intense whitening and clean your aligners while you wear them with BrightByte—our 3-in-1 foam cleanser, whitener, and breath freshener.

Aligner Accessories to Protect your Aligner Investment 

When compared to traditional braces, aligners represent a deep cost savings. But they're still expensive medical tools, and it pays to take care of them properly. These tools may help. 

A Good Aligner Case

You must wear your aligners most of the time, but you can slip out your trays to eat and drink. Where do you place that piece of plastic when it's not in your mouth? Consider an aligner case.

A good case keeps your trays safe and protected when you're not wearing your aligners. The case can also keep your trays from breaking if you drop them. 

Aligner Removal Tools 

Aligners wrap tight around your teeth, and when you change your trays, they'll feel snug. Tools can help you remove them quickly and easily without breaking your trays or hurting your gums and teeth. 

Aligner Seating Mints 

If you have trouble getting your aligners into place when you first pop them in, then aligner chewies will be a good addition to your routine. You pop your clear aligners in and bite down on an aligner chewie. 

By biting down, you help ensure the aligner is correctly positioned around your teeth, allowing it to straighten effectively.

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