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Crooked teeth getting in the way of you doing you? We can fix that. And we’ll get you there fast.‍

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Once I got home, I started looking for ways to straighten my teeth. I know this is random, but my favorite color is red, so when I saw Byte, they instantly stuck out because of the branding. Then I read they were faster than braces... faster? At that point, I was hooked and knew they were the best option with the best price.

Zephian, 2022

Zephian’s Story

Getting started is easy

Step 1
Send us impressions of your teeth.

Your Impression Kit has everything you need to send us a model of your mouth in just twenty minutes, all from home.

Step 2
Review your new smile.

Get a customized treatment plan for a smile that's all you. Complete with a 3D interactive simulation.

Step 3
Straighten your teeth, fast.

We'll ship your custom aligners and HyperByte®, plus free BrightByte™ teeth whitener. Byte for Life™ Guarantee included with purchase. 1

Benefits of Byte invisible
aligners for military

If you’re a current military member or thinking about enlisting and want a smile you’re proud of, Byte’s got your back! To get started, please order your Impression Kit, and a Byte Advisor will reach out and verify your military status.

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You can deploy with
Byte invisible aligners

Serving in the military can be extremely tricky with traditional metal braces. You can't dive into training or deploy with them - and keeping up with monthly in-person office visits can be tough. Unlike braces, Byte invisible aligners are suitable for basic training and deployments.

Military Member

You get an exclusive
discount & financing

Byte offers $150 off invisible aligners for all active military and retired service members.1 Discount not applicable when using BytePay™ monthly payment plans.


Byte® in real life

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The Byte® Difference

Dental Insurance Compatible.

If your insurance plan covers orthodontia or you have a health savings account, you may be able to use either to pay.

HyperByte Technology Included!

With our exclusive HyperByte device included, our aligners deliver fast results for a smile you'll love.

Lifetime guarantee on your smile.

If your teeth ever move, shift, turn, or rotate, we’ll get it fixed at no cost. For life.2

  • A real dentist or orthodontist oversees your treatment plan.

  • Free teeth whitening included.

  • First set of retainers included to help maintain your smile.

  • All customer service is based in the U.S.A.

  • No in-office check-ins. Order online & ship it back for free!

  • Aligners are medical grade, comfortable, and almost completely invisible.

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