Our Guarantees To You

Our Guarantees To You

Impression Kit Guarantee

Byte’s on a mission to help people smile more. One way we make you smile is through our zero-risk impression guarantee. When you buy an impression kit, experts use cutting-edge technology to see if they can create a treatment plan that will safely and effectively address your concerns. If they don't think that they can deliver the results you deserve, we'll let you know and refund the price you paid for your impression kit.

Aligner Guarantee

To make your smile dreams a reality and maintain your Aligner Guarantee, we ask that you please:

  • Wear your aligners as prescribed: Your aligners should be worn every single day as prescribed in your treatment plan. You should switch to your next aligner after no less than the days prescribed and leverage resources like the MyByte app throughout your journey. This helps ensure that your teeth move at a safe, healthy pace.

  • Complete monthly check-ins: Your monthly app check-ins are integral to your treatment’s success, and your participation in them helps us ensure we can capture any problems with your treatment in a timely manner. You can download our app from the Apple App Store here or from the Google Play Store here.

  • Keep all of your aligners: Keep all of your aligners (in the protective sleeve provided) until your treatment is complete and you have received your retainers. If we ever need to help resolve issues with your treatment or if you have an aligner break, you may be directed to move back into another set.

  • Maintain good dental hygiene: Brushing and flossing daily should help to maintain a healthy smile during treatment and help to avoid dental work. If you need to have dental work done during your clear aligner treatment, please be aware this may impact your treatment plan. Please get in touch with us here before any elective dental procedure.

  • Don’t modify your aligners: To ensure that your aligners work as prescribed, you should not make any alterations unless directly instructed by to do so. This includes but is not limited to adding gems, decorations, or cutting plastic off the aligners. Using the included filing tool to file any irritating pieces on your aligners is fine as long as you let us know if it’s a consistent concern!

If the above guidelines are not met, it may void your Aligner Guarantee and may require additional costs to get you back on track.

Please notify us within 30 days of finishing treatment if the prescribed end result was not achieved.

Byte for Life™ Guarantee

We guarantee your smile for life. That means that if your teeth move out of alignment after you complete your initial treatment, you’ll get additional impression kits, new treatment plans, and aligners to help correct any misalignment issues at no additional cost (subject to the following requirements and limitations). Additional HyperByte devices are not included in this guarantee.

  • Your clinical team will evaluate your claim, including whether your teeth have moved out of alignment compared to the end point of your original treatment, whether you meet the criteria specified in these terms, and whether you are suitable for further treatment. This may include seeking photographs and further information from you to enable them to assess your eligibility. If they determine that your teeth have not moved out of alignment, that you do not meet the requirements for this guarantee, or that you are unsuitable for further treatment, then this guarantee will not apply.

  • This guarantee is subject to you having followed your treatment plan and wearing your retainer as directed.

  • This guarantee applies to the teeth originally involved in your Byte treatment plan. It does not cover any teeth that have been affected by physical outside circumstances, trauma, that are missing, have been affected by any other dental or orthodontic treatment outside of your Byte treatment, or teeth that have changed due to other health reasons.

  • In order to qualify, you must:

    • (i) following completion of treatment, purchase clear aligner retainers from Byte or another source once a year, (ii) provide proof of purchase of retainers from another source on request and (iii) as part of any claim under this guarantee, confirm in writing that you have used your retainers as directed and/or

    • (i) following completion of treatment, have bonded retainers placed, (ii) provide proof of retainer placement and annual checks of retainers by a dentist or orthodontist and (iii) as part of any claim under this guarantee, confirm in writing that you have used your retainers as directed.

  • Disputed or past due accounts may also void this guarantee.

Exchanges and Returns

If you receive a product that is damaged let us know by completing a support request and we will replace it.

For your safety, we do not accept returns. Most products ship the same day they are ordered, or in the case of custom aligners we begin production of your custom aligners as soon as you complete your aligner purchase. Once an order has been placed we cannot accept exchanges, returns or refunds.