Byte vs. ALIGNERCO: How They Compare

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Table of Contents

  1. Key Facts
  2. How to Get Started
  3. Treatment Timeline
  4. Professional Supervision
  5. Comparing Cost
  6. Which Provider is more Convenient?
  7. Comparing Appearance
  8. Comparing Customer Experience
  9. Which Teeth Aligner Company is Right for You?

Both Byte and ALIGNERCO offer clear aligners to move your teeth gently and effectively. Both companies rely on telemedicine techniques, so you can skip the hassle of in-person appointments. And both get solid reviews from customers.

But important differences separate the two companies. Learning what they are can help you make the right choice.

Byte vs. ALIGNERCO: How They Compare
Kickoff processTelemedicineTelemedicine
Average treatment timeline4 months4–6 months
Professional supervisionDentists and orthodontists using telemedicineDentists and orthodontists using telemedicine
ConvenienceVery convenient telemedicine treatmentVery convenient telemedicine treatment
AppearanceClear aligners, cut straight acrossClear aligners, cut to contour your gums
Customer experienceExceptional customer service, including a personal Byte advisorGood customer service

Key Facts Comparing Byte & ALIGNERCO

Byte and ALIGNERCO offer a similar product, but important differences separate them. Those differences include the following:

  • Treatment timeframes: ALIGNERCO's average treatment timeline is 4 to 6 months. Byte's average is 4 months. 

  • Cost: ALIGNERCO treatment costs less than Byte, though it comes with fewer perks. 

  • Method: ALIGNERCO's trays are scalloped to follow your gum line. They're slightly harder to see, but they could be less effective. Byte trays are cut straight across, allowing pressure to extend to the tooth's root.

  • Comfort: Byte's trays come with HyperByte®*, an innovative tool that uses gentle vibration to seat teeth in trays and reduce discomfort. The tool can speed up treatment too.

How to Get Started

Both Byte and ALIGNERCO start with at-home impression kits. You're sent putty and trays, and you use those tools to make impressions of your current smile. You send the kits back for analysis. Then, telemedicine appointments keep you in touch with the treatment team.

No matter which company you use, expect to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours per day. Leaving the trays out for long periods of time slows down your progress.

impression kits

Getting started with Byte

The Byte team has a clear treatment program that starts with an impression kit. Use it to make impressions of your teeth for a dentist or orthodontist to view. 

Byte specializes in creating excellent customer experiences, and the service starts with the kit. Instructions are clear and easy to follow, but anyone with questions can reach representatives for answers and assistance. 

Your impressions are reviewed by a dental professional licensed in your state. If you're not a good candidate for care, you will be refunded for the cost of the impression kit. If you are approved, treatment can start right away. 

How does Byte work?

Byte has a nationwide network of dentists and orthodontists ready to improve your smile. You'll be connected to one licensed in your state, and that doctor will be in charge of your program from start to finish.

The program works like this:

  1. Approve a 3D model of your future smile. 

  2. Accept your aligner trays in the mail.

  3. Wear your trays.

  4. Upload photos of your teeth via the Byte app.

  5. Swap trays per your team's instructions. 

  6. Complete treatment.

Getting started with ALIGNERCO

ALIGNERCO uses at-home impression kits to create accurate models of your teeth. Each kit costs $39.99, and the cost is refunded if you're not a good candidate. 

Instructions are easy to follow, and few people have problems with the process. But if you do struggle, the company is available to answer questions and walk you through how it works. 

How does ALIGNERCO work?

A dentist or orthodontist looks over your molds and creates a 3D plan for your smile. Approve it, and treatment begins:

  1. You'll wear trays per your team's instructions.

  2. Swap out trays per your team's timeline. 

  3. Telemedicine appointments keep you in touch with your treatment team to ensure you stay on track.

Treatment Timeline: Which is Quicker?

Both Byte and ALIGNERCO offer a fast route to a better smile. But Byte comes out ahead, shaving about 2 months off the average treatment time.

Byte vs. ALIGNERCO: How They Compare_1
Treatment time4 months4–6 months

Byte Treatment Timeline

Byte treatment timelines can be as short as 2 to 4 months. Two treatment types exist:

  • All-day aligners: Wear your trays most of the day (22 hours), and you're done in about 4 months. 

  • All-night aligners: Wear your trays all night (10+ hours), and you're done in about 5 months. 

The HyperByte®* tool can help contribute to the shorter treatment time. The gentle vibrations the tool emits help your aligners to fit better, and you might feel less discomfort. You use this tool for only 5 minutes per day.

ALIGNERCO Treatment Timeline

A typical ALIGNERCO treatment plan lasts between 4 and 6 months. Both daytime-only and nighttime-only treatment plans are available, giving you control over when and where you wear your trays.

Professional Supervision

Byte provides access to treatment plans directed by doctors (as does ALIGNERCO), and both companies use aligners made just for their clients rather than out-of-the-box products.

Byte Supervision & Support

Choose Byte, and you'll get help via the following:

  • Live chat

  • Phone

  • Email

Contact the company, and talk about the problems you're having. Byte can help adjust treatment plans on the fly if things aren't working. Your questions and concerns are addressed by a dedicated staffer and dental professional who knows you and your mouth. 

ALIGNERCO Supervision & Support 

ALIGNERCO also uses telemedicine techniques to put you in touch with teams that can help. Reach out via the company's website, call for support, or tag them on social media. You may get a different representative each time, but your questions are answered quickly and completely.

Byte vs. ALIGNERCO: How They Compare_2
Connection pointsWebsite, phone, and social mediaWebsite, phone, and social media
Dedicated team?YesNo
alignerco vs byte costs

Comparing Cost: Which is Less Expensive?

If you're a good candidate for aligners and approve the treatment plan, it's time to seal the contract with payment. Aligners are made to fit your mouth and teeth, so companies don't keep stacks of generic versions sitting on shelves for shipment. They make aligners on demand, and your payment starts the process.

Significant price differences between Byte and ALIGNERCO exist.

How much does Byte Cost?

Byte's pricing is competitive and includes several savings opportunities.

  • There is an overall one-time cost of $2,099 for all-day aligners and $2,499 for at-night aligners

  • The HyperByte®*, a tooth movement accelerator that you use for 5 minutes per day, is included with your full Byte purchase fee.

  • A tooth-whitening solution is included. 

  • Byte offers discounts for teachers, military, and others.

  • Payment plans without a credit check are available.

DID YOU KNOW Byte aligners may be covered by your insurance–but cost as little as $89 a month even without coverage.

How much does ALIGNERCO Cost?

ALIGNERCO offers a low price.

  • There is an overall one-time cost of $1,145.

  • A tooth-whitening solution is included. 

  • ALIGNERCO offers discounts for veterans, teens, and others.

  • ALIGNERCO offers payment plans.

Do your research to make a wise aligners selection, and choose a partner that truly cares about your investment in your smile.

Which Provider is more Convenient?

Both Byte and ALIGNERCO offer convenient telemedicine appointments to keep your teeth on track. Byte may have the edge on convenience due to the speed of treatment and the included perks.

Byte vs. ALIGNERCO: How They Compare_3
Treatment time4 months4–6 months
Included perksHyperByte®, Bright ByteTooth-whitening product
Dedicated customer representative?YesNo

How Convenient is Byte?

Telemedicine appointments mean you can skip the hassle of a crowded waiting room. Additional benefits include the following:

  • Speedy treatment: Most people are done with care within about 4 months. 

  • Exceptional customer service: A dedicated staff member answers your questions, ensuring you don't have to repeat your problem each time you need help. 

  • Great add-ons: The HyperByte®* tool makes tray changing less painful and more effective. And the Bright Byte solution cleans trays and whitens teeth at the same time. 

How Convenient is ALIGNERCO?

ALIGNERCO also uses telemedicine techniques to bring expert care into your home, no matter where you are. Additional benefits include the following:

  • Perks: A tooth-whitening product included with purchase can brighten your smile. 

  • Options: A nighttime-only version can keep your teeth bare during the day.

Comparing Appearance: Byte vs. ALIGNERCO

Both Byte and ALIGNERCO use smooth, clear materials to shift your smile in the right direction. But subtle differences set the two companies apart. 

Byte Clear Aligners 

The first 15 trays you need for treatment come in one box, shipped right to your door. The trays are the following:

  • Made of clear, molded plastic

  • Cut straight across to ensure pressure goes right to the roots of your teeth 

  • Smooth and a little shiny

  • Resistant to stains 

ALIGNERCO Clear Aligners

Your trays are shipped to your home in a box. They're clearly labeled, so you know just what order to use them. These aligners are the following:

  • Made of clear, molded plastic

  • Cut to follow the gums, so they’re slightly harder to see

  • Resistant to stains

Comparing the Customer Experience

Both Byte and ALIGNERCO offer around-the-clock support for customers with questions or concerns. But one difference sets the two companies apart. 

What Can Customers Expect with Byte?

Byte's telemedicine model ensures that customers get the quality care they deserve without leaving home. Customers can also expect the following:

  • Retainers with their prescribed aligners: You're encouraged to wear them after formal treatment to keep your teeth firmly in position. You might wear them during the day initially following treatment, but they are generally recommended for regular overnight use.

  • Purchase reassurance: The Byte for Life Guarantee™ ensures that you can get new aligners at no charge if you've followed all treatment guidelines.

  • Personalized support: A Byte advisor answers your questions. 

What Can Customers Expect with ALIGNERCO?

ALIGNERCO also offers a telemedicine model to customers backed by an exceptional team of dental professionals. Customers can expect the following:

  • Prompt answers to questions submitted via the website, phone, or social media

  • Regular check-ins with the dental team

  • Limited support, including a $200 refinement option, if customers aren't satisfied with treatment results

Which Teeth Aligner Company is Right for You?

Do your research to make a wise aligners selection, and choose a partner that truly cares about your investment in your smile.

Is Byte Right for You?

A faster treatment plan backed up by exceptional customer service, great perks, and a lifetime guarantee make Byte a solid choice for anyone hoping to improve their smile. 

Is ALIGNERCO Right for You?

ALIGNERCO can be a good option, especially for those who are primarily concerned with cost. The treatment plans are a little longer, and the customer experience isn’t as personalized, but you will save money.

*Preliminary clinical studies of small groups of users have shown that daily recommended use of a high-frequency seating device functionally equivalent to HyperByte with clear aligners may help with comfort and speed of tooth movement.

Disclaimer: This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about general oral health topics. It is not intended to serve as dental or other professional health advice and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of any condition or symptom. You should consult a dentist or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.