5-in-5 with Brandon Allen.

September 28, 2021

Want to learn a little more about the masterminds you’re speaking to about your Byte treatment? Who’s swiftly sending you your personalized aligners? Who’s running our social channels? Get the first look into who these Byte employees are in our 5-in-5 series!

It’s just like how it sounds — 5 questions in 5 minutes with one of our astounding Byte employees. Ready to learn about our first team player? Say “Hello” to Brandon A., one of our Sales Advisors in the S2 Sales Department at Byte!

Brandon Allen: Byte Sales Advisor / S2 Sales
  • What’s your “Why”?

    My why is that I want to be successful and keep pushing myself to greatness. I have a plan, an idea of how I want my life to be and that’s the only option for me! My team is also a “why. I care about my team and love seeing them succeed! They encourage and inspire me each day. I want to see them all win!

  • How long have you been at Byte?

    I have been at Byte for 3 years in December! I was hired into the company when we were a small startup.

  • Where did you work prior to Byte?

    I worked at Fletcher Jones in Orange County for a few years before moving to LA and joining the Byte team.

  • What was important to you when you were looking for your next role and applying at Byte?

    When I was looking for a new role I wanted it to be something I had never done before. It was my first time working with a startup. It has been such an exciting journey that I don’t think would have happened at a company that has been around for a while.

  • What advice would you give for someone who is looking to move up at Byte?

    My biggest advice is to just go for it!! If you want it then make it happen and have in your head that there is no other option. Always think a level above and be the part before you are the part. 😊

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