Briana M.’s Journey to Self-Worth and a Straight Smile

May 26, 2021

Briana M. is an inspiring actress and singer who believed, “Every opportunity I didn’t get. Every role I wasn’t offered. Was because of my crooked teeth.”

After being told that in order to be a singer or an actress, you had to have straight teeth, Briana’s confidence was shattered. She realized that she was done listening to what other people said about her smile. Briana focused on loving herself first, which led her new confidence to skyrocket.

“I was going to love who I saw in the mirror. I found this confidence inside of myself that I never thought I could have.”

Briana M smiling and holding Byte aligners

Brianna went on to win a local scholarship pageant, landing a Princess role, and finding her now-husband. All from her inner confidence and not “the perfect smile” people told her she needed.

After finding this new sense of confidence, Briana is celebrating by getting the straight smile that was never a need but a want. We’re excited to watch her Byte journey and see this other new confidence from Briana’s smile. Follow along Briana’s journey on her Instagram, here!

“Here’s to knowing your self-worth. And having the confidence that comes from knowing your self-worth.” —Briana M.

Byte case

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