Danie’s story
Danie’s story

Convenience while traveling the world.

Apr 25, 2019

Get to know Danielle!

Danielle is a young professional who has a face-paced day to day. Traveling to new cities each week, she wanted to upgrade her smile but worried that it would be too difficult trying to manage while on the road. She signed up for byte and after 13 weeks in aligners is a true believer because she was able to achieve her smile without breaking her stride.

Q: Dannie, tell us a little bit about your smile before Byte:

When I was in high school, I had braces (for exactly 364 days), but after high school my two front teeth separated again. For me, these separated front teeth have always been a source of concern for me, even in the peak of the "gap teeth" movement. Beyond that, my bottom teeth never had braces, even when I was in high school, and they needed adjusting. I felt it was finally time to do something about this which led me to byte.

Q. Why did you choose byte over competitors?

A couple of my co-workers had started with a different invisible aligner companies (specifically SDC) and I started researching them. Through research, I found byte and chose you specifically because of HyperByte® - to me, the shorter time because of this tool was attractive. I am actually done already, while both my coworkers on SDC are still using theirs! I also hypothesized that HyperByte would help soothe discomfort when switching to new aligners each week, and I was right! 

Q. How was your experience with Byte?

I was very nervous to try byte, not because of the company or because of invisible aligners, but because I travel so much. In the 12 weeks I had byte, I was on over 45 flights, in three different countries, and in nearly 20 different cities. I was worried that invisible aligners would add unnecessary headache to my travel days - especially trying to use them on long haul flights. However, in reality, byte was very easy to use, even when traveling! 

Q. How has byte changed your smile?

I’m much more confident in my smile and love the way it looks. More than that though, Ive seen my general confidence increase! Byte is amazing - easy to work with, faster than other invisible aligner companies, and cost effective!  I can’t stop recommending you all. Thank you!

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