How Byte Compares to SmileDirectClub

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Table of Contents

  1. Key Facts
  2. How to Get Started
  3. Treatment Timeline
  4. Professional Supervision
  5. Comparing Cost
  6. Which Provider is More Convenient?
  7. Comparing Appearance
  8. Comparing Customer Experience
  9. Which Teeth Aligner Company is Right for you?
  10. FAQs: Byte Vs. SmileDirect

Byte offers at-home, clear aligners, allowing you to straighten your smile easily, quickly, and conveniently. SmileDirectClub used to also offer at-home aligner treatments, but they went out of business in September 2023.

Up until that point, Byte and SmileDirectClub had a lot of similarities, though Byte offered a faster treatment timeline in most cases and superior customer service.

How Byte Compares to SmileDirectClub
Getting startedAt-home impression kitAt-home impression kit or in-person option
Average treatment timeline4 months4–6 months
Professional supervisionTelemedicineIn-person assessment available; telemedicine treatment
CostAbout $2,000About $2,000
ConvenienceVery convenientVery convenient
AppearanceClear alignersClear aligners

Key Facts Comparing Byte & SmileDirectClub

Before SmileDirectClub filed for bankruptcy in September 2023, both Byte and SmileDirectClub offered the following:

  • Short treatment programs lasting 4 months (on average)

  • Low cost of about $2,000

  • Telemedicine options, so you can skip in-person appointments

  • Guarantees

  • Nighttime aligner options

  • Free tooth whitening kits

But now that SmileDirectClub is out of business, there Lifetime Smile Guarantee no longer exists. Byte is the only one with a guarantee.

Byte offers HyperByte*, an innovative tool that speeds up treatment time and makes aligners less painful. And Byte offers discount plans to ensure that you don't pay more than you should for your smile.

SmileDirectClub used to offer an in-person assessment option in addition to at-home impression kits.

How to get Started

Dental professionals won't know how to fix your teeth until they assess your smile. Both Byte and SmileDirectClub offer methods to connect your teeth with someone who can help. But your route to a perfect smile differs with each option.

Getting started with Byte

If aligners are right for you and you choose Byte, you'll do all the work remotely. The Byte team will send an impression kit, and you'll push your teeth into trays filled with putty. Send those trays back to Byte, and you'll receive a treatment plan in return. 

You'll see a 3D model that details how your teeth look now and how each tray will change the shape. You'll also see how your teeth will look when the work is done. 

The team is available to answer questions, address concerns, and help you feel totally comfortable with your plan before you get started. This is an important decision, and you'll be supported by experts. 

How does Byte work?

After you've approved your impression kit, these are steps you’ll take:

  1. Accept your trays. You'll get a box filled with aligners, clearly numbered for convenience. Byte sends 15 trays and the rest in another shipment. 

  2. Wear your aligners. Snap your trays on your teeth, and keep them on as directed. If you're using traditional aligners, you'll wear them all day. If you're using nighttime aligners, you'll wear them all night. 

  3. Check in. Take photos of your teeth and upload them on the app. These check-ins ensure that your teeth are moving as expected. 

  4. Change trays. Follow your plan, and change aligners as directed. 

  5. You're done! In just a few months, you'll have the smile you always wanted.

Getting started with SmileDirectClub

Choose SmileDirectClub, and you will start your path to smile perfection in one of two ways:

  • In person: Head to a SmileShop or a local participating dentist, and a technician will take 3D images of your teeth. The appointment takes about 30 minutes. Locations can be limited depending on where you live, so do your research first.

  • Remote: Purchase an impression kit, and take impressions of your teeth at home.

How did SmileDirectClub work?

Here’s how SmileDirectClub works:

  1. Accept your treatment plan. Log into the app, and you’ll see a 3D model of your teeth after treatment. 

  2. Accept your trays. All the aligners you need for your new smile come labeled for your convenience. 

  3. Wear your aligners. Choose standard trays, and you’ll wear them all day. Use the nighttime option, and you’ll wear them at night. 

  4. Connect with your team. Check in via the app, showing your team how your teeth look now. 

  5. Change trays. Follow your treatment plan, and swap out aligners per your team’s directions.

  6. Finish! In a few months, you’re done with treatment.

While both Byte and SmileDirectClub offered clear aligners to improve smiles, Byte continues to offer fast time frames, a strong guarantee, and excellent customer service. SmileDirectClub has gone out of business.

Treatment Timeline: Which is Quicker?

In general, an aligner system will be much faster than braces. These plastic trays may look a little bit delicate at first glance, but they have a lot of power to move your teeth from the roots up, and they work quickly. While SmileDirectClub had a good product, Byte offers innovations that could shorten your path to a better smile.

Here's how Byte’s aligners differ from what SmileDirectClub used to offer:

How Byte Compares to SmileDirectClub_1
Average treatment time4 months4–6 months
Shortening and comforting techniquesHyperByte (an aligner vibrating tool)Smart Sculpt to carefully monitor how teeth move; Comfort Sense aligners that progress from soft to firm

Byte Treatment Timeline

Byte treatment programs are some of the shortest available. Byte aligners come with an innovative tool called HyperByte®*. Here's how to use it:

  • Put your aligners on. The device works when the trays are on your teeth.

  • Hold the handle. Grasp the handle with your hand and place the bite plate in your mouth.

  • Turn on the device. A timer will start, and you'll feel the vibrations begin.

  • Wait for 5 minutes. Don't remove the device until you're notified that the work is finished.

Gentle vibrations like this may help to lessen discomfort and speed up treatment times.

Currently, this technology is only available with Byte aligners. If a quick route to a better smile is critical for you, Byte is a great choice.

SmileDirectClub Treatment Timeline

SmileDirectClub can move teeth within 4 to 6 months. Two methods speed up treatment times. 

Smart Sculpt technology allows the team to carefully coordinate how each tooth moves. Planning like this can ensure that teeth don’t block one another, so they can shift in perfect alignment. 

The Comfort Sense plan moves people through aligner firmness. Trays start soft and harden as you move closer to your perfect smile. These subtle changes could help your teeth to move faster.

Professional Supervision

When you work with Byte, you tap into the power of telemedicine to brighten your smile. You'll have a skilled professional helping you each step of the way.

SmileDirectClub used to offer an in-person option for people who needed help making impressions of their teeth.

All work with Byte is professionally designed and supervised, so you have experts leading you through the entire process.

How Byte Compares to SmileDirectClub_2
ByteSmile Direct Club
How many professionals?200+225+
How are you matched?Your state of residenceYour state of residence

Byte Supervision & Support

Byte has a nationwide network of over 200 licensed dentists and orthodontists. You'll be matched with a dental professional licensed in your state.

Your clinical support team is there to oversee every step of your smile improvement program. Log into the Byte portal, and you'll see a 3D model of how your teeth will move. You can reach out to your team at any time by logging on.

SmileDirectClub Supervision & Support 

SmileDirectClub relied on a network of over 200 dentists and orthodontists. Customers would work with someone licensed to do business in the state where they lived. Every 90 days, they would check in with that dentist when they logged into their account. They could also talk with their dental team directly at any time through the website.

Comparing Cost: Which is Less Expensive?

Byte and SmileDirectClub had similar pricing plans, and Byte’s remains the same, so you can still take advantage of great pricing. Expect to pay about $2,000 for a better smile.

With Byte, you can also take advantage of monthly installment payment plans. When SmileDirectClub was in business, there were subtle differences in how their pricing worked in comparison to Byte.

How Byte Compares to SmileDirectClub_3
ByteSmile Direct Club
Day aligners$1,999$2,050
Night aligners$2,399$2,050
DiscountsMilitary, student, and moreCoupons & promotions can be available

How much does Byte Cost?

Byte pricing is straightforward:

  • Day aligners: $1,999 (one-time payment) or $82 per month

  • Night aligners: $2,399 (one-time payment) or $99 per month

At Byte, we offer a variety of cost-savings initiatives, including these:

  • Military discounts

  • Student discounts

  • First responder discounts

  • Promotional offers

  • No fees for early payments

Byte also offers a lifetime guarantee. If your teeth ever move out of alignment, and you can prove that you followed your treatment plan carefully, you can qualify for a new plan and new trays at no cost.

DID YOU KNOW Byte aligners may be covered by your insurance–but cost as little as $89 a month even without coverage.

How much did SmileDirectClub Cost?

Both day aligners and night aligners used to cost $2,050 (one-time payment) or $89 per month with SmileDirectClub.

SmileDirectClub offered a Lifetime Smile Guarantee. This program allowed touch-ups for those who followed their treatment plan and qualified.

Which Provider is more Convenient?

Both Byte and SmileDirectClub make dental care quick, easy, and convenient. Telemedicine options let you skip the hassle of appointments and do the work at home. 

How Convenient is Byte?

Byte makes improving your smile very easy.

  • Find your starting place. Impression kits come to you, and staff is available to help you if you have trouble. 

  • Monitor your progress. The intuitive app makes tracking your teeth easy and fun. 

  • Stay connected. Staff is available right from your phone when you need help. 

How convenient was SmileDirectClub?

SmileDirectClub offered communication and tracking features via their app.

How Byte Compares to SmileDirectClub_4
ByteSmile Direct Club
Impression kit optionsAt homeAt home or in person
Treatment optionsTelemedicineTelemedicine

Comparing Appearance: Byte vs. SmileDirectClub

Clear aligners aren't invisible. If people look very closely, they'll notice trays wrapping around your teeth. Both Byte and SmileDirectClub use clear materials during your treatment process. 

Byte Clear Aligners

Byte clear aligners are the following:

  • Transparent: Trays are made of BPA-free, medical-grade, polymer film. 

  • Straight: They don't dip up and down to follow your gum line. 

  • Comfortable: Trays snap on your teeth and don't move up when you talk. 

SmileDirectClub Clear Aligners

Smile Direct Club clear aligners are the following:

  • Transparent: Trays are made of BPA-free clear plastic. 

  • Variable: Trays used early in treatment are soft, and they firm up as your plan progresses. 

  • Short: Trays cover about a third of each molar, but they don’t wrap all the way around.

Comparing the Customer Experience

Aligners are easy to use, and most people don't need a lot of instruction. But you may need to stay in close contact with your team to ensure your teeth are moving properly. The customer experience varies a bit between Byte and SmileDirectClub. 

What can Customers Expect with Byte?

Use the Byte system, and you can expect the following:

  • Support from the same people: Each customer receives a personal advisor to answer questions. 

  • Easy replacements: Lose or break an aligner, and order a replacement online in just minutes.

  • Dental supervision: A dental professional licensed in your state reviews each step of your treatment program. 

What did customers expect with SmileDirectClub?

SmileDirectClub customers were assured of the following prior to the company going out of business in 2023:

  • Professional care: A dental expert looks over each part of your plan. 

  • App-based treatment: Connect with the team virtually, and know someone is always available to answer questions.

Which Teeth Aligner Company is Right for you?

Byte continues to succeed today with superior customer service, competitive pricing, and effective treatment plans. SmileDirectClub is no longer in business.

Is Byte Right for Me?

Byte offers the following benefits:

  • Some of the fastest average treatment timelines available 

  • Exceptional customer service from a team that knows you and your mouth

  • Affordable care, including discounts 

  • Nationwide availability, even if doctors aren't in your city or town 

* Preliminary clinical studies of small groups of users have shown that daily recommended use of a high-frequency seating device functionally equivalent to HyperByte with clear aligners may help with comfort and speed of tooth movement.

Frequently Asked Questions: Byte Vs. SmileDirect

SmileDirectClub declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September 2023, claiming they were $900 million in debt. The company stopped operations at this time.

The company has stopped operations, so their lifetime guarantee no longer exists. SmileDirectClub customers can seek out the services of other professionals, such as at-home aligner companies like Byte or orthodontists.

Byte offers convenient, affordable, and effective aligner treatment via their telemedicine model. Byte is considered a premier option for at-home aligner treatment. SmileDirectClub is no longer in business.

Disclaimer: This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about general oral health topics. It is not intended to serve as dental or other professional health advice and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of any condition or symptom. You should consult a dentist or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.