Byte vs. Smilelove: Side-by-Side Comparison

Byte vs. Smilelove: Side-by-Side Comparison
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Byte vs. Smilelove: Side-by-Side ComparisonClinical Content Reviewed by Licensed DDS
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Table of Contents

  1. Cost Comparison
  2. Aligners Process
  3. What's Included
  4. Treatment Oversight
  5. Treatment Timeline
  6. Smile Guarantee
  7. Choice Making
  8. References

Some purchases involve short contracts between a company and a consumer. Buy a sweater, for example, and you'll only talk with the shop owner once or twice before you walk out in luxury. Aligners are much different.

Aligners involve a commitment between you and a team of dental experts. You'll work on your smile for months. Choose wisely, and you'll look back on your relationship fondly. Choose poorly, and you may have little to celebrate at the end of your treatment plan.

At Byte, we know you have options. We want you to make the right choice. This side-by-side comparison of Byte and Smilelove could help to steer you in the right direction. We'll go over several important factors, including pricing, staffing, and guarantees.

Cost Comparison

On the surface, few price differences exist between us and Smilelove. But dig a little deeper, and real issues appear.

Pricing factors to watch include:

Impression Kit Costs

Our impression kits cost $95. If we determine you aren’t a candidate for Byte aligners, we’ll refund you the cost of this kit.

Smilelove charges $250, but you can get a refund of this cost if you purchase an entire Smilelove bundle with aligners all at once.

Overall Cost

Smilelove and Byte both cost $1,895 for a full set of aligners.

We also offer BytePay™. This innovative program guarantees approval regardless of credit status, and it can deliver monthly payments as low as $83 per month.

Extra Fees
If your case is complicated and requires more than 40 aligners, prepare to pay $300 more at Smilelove. We don't have an added fee like this.
Neither company offers direct insurance billing. But both will help you get reimbursed by insurance if you have the proper coverage.
We offer discounts to students, active service members, and students. Smilelove does not.
Payment Options
We accept payments from health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, and CareCredit. Smilelove does not.
These differences can seem subtle. But they can mean a difference of hundreds of dollars or more throughout your journey to a better smile.

Technical Matters: How Do the Aligners Work?

Both Smilelove and Byte offer aligners you slide onto your teeth to glide them into proper position. You'll change the trays periodically, and each adjustment brings you closer to the smile of your dreams. But Byte and Smilelove offer a slightly different vision of treatment.

Smilelove aligners are made of Essix plastic, and they're trimmed to match your gumline. The company suggests aligners like this offer a more comfortable fit.

Our aligners are made of a BPA-free polymer film. We cut our aligners straight across, as our experts say this method offers the best tooth grip for quick movement.

While any aligners can be slightly uncomfortable (remember they are moving your teeth), ours don't cause more pain than what a little Tylenol can tackle.

What’s Included With Your Aligners?

The promise of a better smile awaits you at the end of an aligner journey. Pay your enrollment fee, and you expect to get all the aligners you need for a better smile. But choose wisely, and you might get more than aligners.

Bundles for Byte and Smilelove differ. Byte offers:

  • Tooth whitening. Included in your Byte aligner kit is a foam that cleans your trays and brightens your teeth. You’ll pay nothing extra for this product. Smilelove also offers a free tooth whitening product, but it's not shipped until the end of your treatment program.
  • Treatment accelerator. Byte offers HyperByte®, which may help speed up treatment time and lessen discomfort, with every aligner kit. You use this tool for 5 minutes per day to help shorten your treatment timeline. Smilelove doesn't offer this type of tool. *

Both Byte and Smilelove offer aligner carrying cases and post-treatment retainers. These retainers ensure your new smile stays in place.

Who Oversees Your Treatment Plan?

Both Byte and Smilelove provide at-home smile optimization. You don't need to make an appointment, visit a clinic, or otherwise leave your home to get the care you need. But you'll work with experts, no matter which company you choose.

Smilelove employs board-certified orthodontists to supervise cases. You'll also have customer service reps to help you through the process. You can use video chat, standard chat, or phone calls to get help with your treatment plan.

At Byte, state-licensed dentists and orthodontists review your treatment plan. Our nationwide dental network has got you covered with Byte dentists, and orthodontists throughout the United States. You’ll be matched with a professional in your state. We only accept customers who can use Byte safely.

We also offer robust customer service, including video chats, emails, phone calls, and more. You’re never left wondering what your next step should be.

How Long Will It Take?

Aligners move teeth gradually. No matter what partner you choose, you won't see results overnight. But one company offers a clear advantage for those hoping to move quickly.

Smilelove treatment plans last, on average, between 6 and 8 months. Our average care plans are complete within 2 to 4 months.

HyperByte® really does differentiate us.

After 5 minutes, you're done for the day. Each minute may help speed up tooth movement.

Thanks to HyperByte, your teeth may move faster. This is something that other aligner companies just don’t offer.*

Is Your Smile Guaranteed?

If something goes wrong with your smile or your treatment, you want your money back. Both Byte and Smilelove handle things slightly differently.

Both companies offer impression kit refunds if dental experts don't think aligners are right for you. But that's the only form of guarantee or return Smilelove offers. We do more.

Our lifetime guarantee means we'll provide free additional treatment if your teeth ever shift out of alignment. You must follow our treatment plan, of course, and that includes wearing your retainers as directed. But you're protected from unwanted costs if your smile shifts after you leave our care. For some people, this protection is priceless. It ensures your investment in your smile stays secure.

We also offer help if you're not happy with your smile immediately after you've finished your treatment. Contact us within 15 days of your prescribed end date, and we'll evaluate your situation.

You might need additional aligners, and we'll send them to you. If you need a treatment plan change, we’ll design that for you.

Make the Right Choice

You have many more comparisons to make. Looking over Smilelove vs. Candid, for example, might be a wise option. But we hope we've made a strong case for Byte. We'd love to help optimize your smile.

* Preliminary clinical studies of small groups of users have shown that daily recommended use of a high-frequency seating device functionally equivalent to HyperByte with clear aligners may help with comfort and speed of tooth movement.


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