EverSmile Clear Aligner Cleaner: How It Works & Where to Buy

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Table of Contents

  1. What Does It Do?
  2. How It Works
  3. Where to Buy
  4. Alternative Cleaning Methods
  5. Cleaning Methods to Avoid

EverSmile WhiteFoam is a portable, foam-based product that allows users to clean their clear teeth aligners quickly and effectively while away from home. The foam not only rinses and cleans aligners, it also help whiten the wearer’s teeth and provides a breath-freshener.

Clear teeth aligners are an excellent alternative to braces that can improve the alignment of your teeth in as little as a few months. However, these aligners can easily become discolored if they are not properly cleaned.

One good cleaning option is EverSmile WhiteFoam, a portable foam-based cleaner that allows you to quickly clean your aligners while on the go.

Unlike braces, clear aligners are almost invisible, so it is easy to wear them without feeling self-conscious about your smile. The best cleaning option is to use a cleaner specifically designed for clear aligners.

Many people use warm water and a toothbrush to clean their aligners. While this method can work, it is not the most effective option. Plain water cannot remove odors, and a toothbrush might scratch the aligner (especially if it has tough bristles). These scratches create more hiding spots for bacteria and may make the problem worse.

The best cleaning option is to use a cleaner specifically designed for clear aligners. One good option is EverSmile WhiteFoam, a portable foam-based cleaner that allows you to quickly clean your aligners while on the go.

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What Does EverSmile WhiteFoam Do?

EverSmile WhiteFoam does three key things:

  • Cleans your aligners. WhiteFoam kills 99.99 percent of the bacteria that collects on your aligners. This keeps them clean and prevents both discoloration and tooth decay.

  • Whitens your teeth. WhiteFoam cleaner gradually whitens your teeth by breaking up staining molecules that settle on your teeth. The effect is stronger with more frequent use and does not cause tooth sensitivity.

  • Freshens your breath. WhiteFoam kills odor-causing bacteria in your aligners and on your teeth. It also has a minty taste that leaves you with fresh breath.

How Does EverSmile WhiteFoam Work?

Using EverSmile WhiteFoam is easy. 

  • First, pour a small amount of the cleaner into the tray. 

  • Next, spread it evenly across the tray. 

  • Then, put the aligner back in your mouth.

Don’t swallow any excess WhiteFoam in your mouth. It’s not poisonous, but you should spit it as you would toothpaste or mouthwash.

You don’t need to soak, brush, or rinse your aligners at any point during this process, making the product perfect for on-the-go cleaning.

If you want a deeper clean, you can soak your aligners in WhiteFoam for a few minutes or brush them gently using a toothbrush coated in WhiteFoam. This is not necessary for good results, but it will provide a stronger effect that might be useful when dealing with heavy plaque or food build-up.

Where to Buy EverSmile WhiteFoam

You can get EverSmile WhiteFoam from the EverSmile website, Amazon, Walmart, and many other retailers. 

  • On the EverSmile website, a 25ml bottle of cleaner will cost you $12.49. You can get it for $11.24 if you subscribe to recurring purchases. After subscribing, the WhiteFoam will be delivered to you every 30, 45, or 60 days.

  • On Amazon, a single pack of 50ml WhiteFoam costs $18.99, while two packets go for $37.98. A single 25ml container will cost you $14.70, and two containers cost $24.99. 

  • At Walmart, a single pack of 50ml WhiteFoam sells for $19.98.

Alternative Ways of Cleaning Clear Aligners

Aside from EverSmile WhiteFoam, there are other ways of cleaning clear aligners. The following are some of the most effective.

White vinegar is a disinfectant that can help you clean your aligners. To use this method, make a solution of half warm water and half vinegar. Soak the aligners in the mixture for about 20 minutes. The acid in the vinegar will help remove tartar and odor-causing bacteria. After 20 minutes, rinse the aligners with clean water and place them back in your mouth.

You can clean a clear aligner by brushing it using soap and a soft toothbrush. Clear liquid soap works best for this. Brush the aligner gently to remove food particles stuck in it. Then, rinse it with clean water.

Some people use toothpaste to clean their aligners. If you want to do this, be sure to use gentle non-whitening toothpaste with no abrasives that could scratch your aligners. A toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth or for children would be a good option.

Retainer cleaning tablets are available on Amazon for around $10 for a package of 60. You only need one tablet per cleaning session.

To use them, drop a single tablet in warm water, then submerge the trays in the water. The liquid will start bubbling and turn blue. This indicates that the disinfecting agents in the tablet have been released and are working on cleaning your aligners.

After 15 minutes, the water will turn clear. Remove the trays and rinse them with cold running water. Scrubbing won’t be necessary.

Baking soda acts as a disinfectant to clean aligners. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with ¾ of a cup of warm water and soak the trays in the solution. Scrub gently with a soft brush. This solution is mildly abrasive and can help remove the yellowing color from the aligner. Rinse thoroughly to remove any residue before placing the aligners back in your mouth.

Cleaning Methods to Avoid

Some of the home cleaning techniques can work for clear aligners, but others may cause more harm than good. Avoid using colored mouthwash, scented soaps, abrasive toothbrushes, and denture cleaners. These items can cause discoloration, scratch your aligners or leave strong scents or flavors that might make it uncomfortable for you to wear your aligners as directed.

Using a dishwasher to clean your aligners is a bad idea due to the extreme temperatures involved. Hot water can distort the shape of the plastic trays and make them unusable. It’s also a good idea to avoid harsh chemicals such as bleaches and alcohol. Cleaning with these substances can lead to discoloration and may cause dangerous health effects in the long run.

Always take out your aligners when eating. Chewing forces can damage the aligners and make them ineffective for repositioning your teeth. You don’t have to remove them if you’re drinking water, but remember that other drinks can cause discoloration of the trays. When you’re not wearing your aligners, always keep them in their protective case to shield them from germs and other contaminants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. EverySmile WhiteFoam helps break up stain-causing molecules, reducing tooth discoloration and making your teeth appear whiter. It may take time to see results, but reviews indicate that most customers have experienced teeth whitening after using the cleaner.

To use this cleaner, pour a small quantity of the WhiteFoam into your aligner trays. Next, spread the WhiteFoam evenly across the aligner and put it back in your mouth. You don’t have to brush, rinse, or soak your aligners. The cleaner will kill the bacteria, clean the plaque from your teeth, and give you fresh breath.

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