Gum Contouring Costs: Cheap & Expensive Options

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  1. Gum Contouring Expenses
  2. What to Expect With Costs
  3. Choosing a Provider & Procedure
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Gum contouring can range vastly in price from as low as $50 for one tooth to up around $3,000 for the entire mouth. The price will often depend on the method used — either laser reshaping, using a scalpel, or radio frequency.

Gum contouring involves reshaping your gums for a more pleasing, less “gummy,” appearance. Unless it is done in conjunction with a procedure to clean out periodontal, gum, disease gum contouring is typically considered a cosmetic procedure.

Much of the time, gum contouring is also done with other procedures, and this can raise the overall cost. Shop around to find a provider that can provide you with the smile you want at a price you can afford.

Gum Contouring Expenses

Usually, a gum contouring procedure will need to be done across the entire mouth and not just for one tooth. The cost is generally a few hundred dollars for one to three teeth in a row to around $500 for four or more teeth on average.

Gum contouring uses a scalpel, laser, or radio frequency to remove part of your gum tissue to improve your appearance. Often, gums can cover too much of the teeth and make your teeth seem smaller. Gum contouring helps to improve your smile.

Typically, gum contouring is considered a cosmetic procedure, but in the case of advanced periodontal disease, it may be deemed medically necessary.

When the infection of gum disease forms pockets under the gums, the infected tissue will often need to be surgically removed by a periodontist.1 This form of gum contouring is called a gingivectomy and can cost between $200 and $400 per tooth.

What to Expect With Costs

The cost for gum contouring is going to depend on the type of procedure you need. For example, gingival sculpting is considered to be a minimally invasive, quick, and cost-effective procedure that can be done at any dental office. This form of gum contouring typically involves using a scalpel or laser to remove a small amount of gum tissue while using local anesthesia.

Crown lengthening, on the other hand, is a more intensive procedure that involves cutting away more of the gumline to expose the teeth. It is done by a periodontist and often requires bone tissue removal as well.

Other than the type of procedure, other factors that can influence the cost of gum contouring include:

  • The number of teeth and area the procedure is covering. The bigger the area and more teeth involved, the higher the price will be.

  • Additional procedures. Gum contouring is regularly combined with other dental procedures, such as dental bonding or the placement of veneers.

  • Type of medication and/or sedation needed. A more extensive procedure will require a higher level of sedation and often more medication, which can increase costs.

  • Who performs the procedure. Gum contouring done by a dentist will generally be less expensive than procedures performed by a periodontist. Each professional’s level of experience will also impact the cost.

  • Where the procedure is performed. Geographical location can influence cost. Gum contouring will cost more in some areas than others.

A laser is used for gum contouring and is a simple in-office procedure that, depending on the severity, can take 15 minutes to an hour.

Choosing a Provider & Procedure

Cost should not always be a deterrent to gum contouring. Sometimes, more expensive prices can mean that the provider has more experience. More extensive treatment methods are often more effective and last longer than cheaper versions.

Consider these factors when weighing gum contouring options:

Dental insurance does not generally cover cosmetic procedures, but if your gum contouring is necessary to remove infected tissue, it may be covered. Find a provider that is in your network to cut down on your out-of-pocket expenses.

Different providers will offer payment plans and financing options to help you pay for gum contouring. Find one that will work with your budget.

If you are prone to gum disease, a more extensive gum contouring procedure may cost you more up front but can save you money down the road.

It is your smile, and you need to be happy with the results. Consider all factors during your initial consultation to make sure you get the results you want.

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