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  1. Intro
  2. Companies Offering At-Home Aligners
  3. Brands Comparison
  4. How Does the Process Work?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
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Byte is among several companies that make teeth aligners available online. Consumers can select their specific product.

After receiving their order, consumers make impressions of their teeth, send in the molds and receive their aligners and a recommended treatment regimen in a few weeks.


Who would have imagined that teeth-straightening would one day be as simple as creating your own impressions of your teeth and then mailing them to an online producer of clear aligners to get your custom trays?

Ordering clear aligners online today is a convenient option when you need to fix your smile without calling unnecessary attention to your mouth. Many direct-to-consumer companies offer these products remotely with fewer or no in-office follow-ups.

To choose the best provider of at-home clear aligner therapy (CAT), consider your personal requirements, such as pre-treatment evaluation.

However: severe teeth misalignment issues may prevent you from going through the alignment process on your own. To not waste time or money, heavy-duty corrections require in-person orthodontic care by a licensed dentist during treatment.

Companies That Offer At-Home Aligner Treatment

You can order clear aligners from these direct-to-consumer companies:

Byte is a 100 percent at-home aligner company that sells impression kits for $29.95. Byte’s teeth-straightening package includes a vibration device called “HyperByte” to smoothly accelerate treatment.

SmileDirectClub offers free 3D teeth scanning services at several locations. If you prefer to use a home-kit, it can send a kit to you for $59, subject to an $18 refund when you return it.

With a $39.99 impression kit from AlignerCo, you can begin your home-based teeth alignment treatment. You receive a six-year supply of retainers to keep your teeth straight after treatment if you choose their “WorryFree” plan.

SnapCorrect is one of the least expensive ways to straighten your teeth with clear aligners at home. Their impression kit goes for $49 and packages include a free first retainer after treatment.

Best at Home Teeth Aligner Brands

Best Place to Get Teeth Aligners Online
Avg. treatment length4-5 months4-6 months4-6 months3-18 months
Product options22 hours/day aligners
At-night aligners
22 hours/day aligners
At-night aligners
22 hours/day aligners
At-night aligners
22 hours/day aligners
Convenience100% at-home aligner therapy
(no in-office appointments)
Virtual progress tracking
Free in-office 3D scans
At-home impression kit
Virtual follow-ups
with orthodontists
Remote treatment begins
with at-home impression kits
Live chat support during
Remote treatment begins
with at-home impression
EffectivenessGenerally effective for minor
misalignment problems since
treatment doesn’t involve regular
visits to an orthodontist
Ideal for mild teeth
Treatment plan designed by
a licensed technician
Doesn’t involve regular
visits to an orthodontist
Generally effective for minor
misalignment problems since
treatment doesn’t involve
regular visits to an orthodontist
Satisfying results for
mild misalignment issues
Customer ExperienceComfortable clear alignersComfort Sense clear-matte
Comfortable snug-fit alignersComfortable clear aligners
ExtrasFree “HyperByte” vibration
devices to accelerate treatment
Premium whitening treatment
Free retainer
Lifetime guarantee subject
to compliance
Free whitening
Lifetime guarantee
subject to compliance
Free whitening kit
6-year supply of clear retainers
Free first retainer
after treatment

How Does the Process Work?

At-home clear aligner therapy is usually convenient and fast, with no or less in-person engagement with an orthodontist. After you order your impression kit online, the process usually goes like this:

  • Take your dental impressions at home.

  • Receive your new aligners and treatment plan.

  • Start your treatment.

Take Your Dental Impressions 

An impression kit includes trays, putties, and instructions for using the kit to take dental impressions. To make molds of your teeth, you’ll put a tray in your mouth and bite into a mixture of putties. 

You may then mail your dental impressions back to your at-home aligner provider. If required, take and upload photos of your teeth.

Treatment Planning

The online aligner company will scan your dental impressions and use computer aided design (CAD) software to create custom-fit trays. These companies usually involve licensed dentists or orthodontists to assess and approve treatment plans for each patient.


Custom-made aligners are shipped to you. You’ll be replacing each clear plastic tray every two weeks until each tooth has moved into the intended final position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can order clear aligners for teeth-straightening from an online provider. The company will send you an impression kit, which you will use to make molds of your teeth.

Your provider will then create custom clear aligners based on your dental impressions.

No, you cannot. To straighten your teeth with Invisalign, you must visit an Invisalign-approved orthodontist. 

Unlike Byte, Invisalign is not an at-home or OTC clear aligner product. It usually begins with digital scanning of your teeth in a doctor’s office and requires ongoing supervision throughout treatment.


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