Not sure if your dental insurance covers Byte teeth aligners? We’ll do all the hard work for you. Just send us your insurance card details, and we’ll handle the rest!

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We know aligners & insurance.

We know aligners & insurance

Use your dental insurance, FSA, or HSA accounts.

We make Byte clear aligners really affordable, but you might be able to save even more if your insurance plan covers teledentistry or you have a health savings account. With your Byte insurance expert, you’ll get years of experience and friendly help every step of the way to find out if your insurance covers teeth aligners.

You can get started now with your Impression Kit, which could be reimbursed, and is 100% refundable if you’re not a good candidate for Byte teeth aligners.

Don’t see your insurance company listed?

No problem! Did you know that we can check on your out-of-network benefits too? Once you submit your insurance information through our free coverage check above, our knowledgeable insurance team is happy to verify your orthodontic benefits and find out your aligner insurance coverage. We’ll send you an email letting you know what kind of orthodontic coverage you may have on your plan for your Byte treatment.

How to use your flexible spending account

How to use your flexible spending account

It’s easy, promise! Don’t let your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) dollars go to waste. Put ’em to good use with your own Byte Impression Kit, and aligner system. Pay all up front and save!

Ready to purchase? Call the toll free number below.


What is the cost of teeth aligners without insurance?

No insurance? No problem! We've worked really hard to make Byte invisible aligners as affordable and effective as possible. You may be able to get Byte clear teeth aligners for as little as $74 per month with 36-month financing.

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Yes! With Byte being part of an orthodontic service, the following items are a covered expense for almost all flexible spending and health savings accounts:

  • Impression Kit

  • Byte Aligner System including HyperByte®

  • Retainers

If your account is tied to a major debit card, you can simply pay using your card. If not, we’ll help you with your reimbursement receipt after you pay for your invisible aligners.

Actually, yes! Just utilize your major credit/debit card associated with your FSA to pay for your treatment. Then, if you have qualifying orthodontic coverage included in your dental plan, we’ll help you with your insurance claim form to get the proper reimbursement.

Since it’s late in the year, we’ll allow you to purchase your Impression Kit and aligner system together so you don’t lose your dollars.

Our same policy applies if it’s determined you're not a candidate. Your payment will be refunded to the card you used for payment.

We recommend checking with your FSA provider to get that info, as each carrier is different.

We recommend that you double check to see how much you have in your FSA. If you need to split the payment between your FSA and another card, we can manually process your order over the phone.

No worries. Get in touch via our Contact Us page or give us a shout at 866-765-2327 (M-F), and one of our Byte Advisors will be happy to help. Or, if you’re ready to get started, click here to order your risk-free Impression Kit!

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