Best Mail-Order Teeth Straightening Aligners: Cost, Length of Treatment & More

Best Mail-Order Teeth Straightening Aligners: Cost, Length of Treatment & More
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Best Mail-Order Teeth Straightening Aligners: Cost, Length of Treatment & MoreClinical Content Reviewed by Dr. Jay Khorsandi, DDS
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At-home clear teeth aligners are rapidly growing in popularity. Just as more people are opting for greater convenience in their shopping and health routines, many also see mail-order teeth straightening aligners as a win-win — enjoy the results and cutting-edge technology of clear aligners, with the convenience of an at-home treatment option. 

This also means that there are more mail-order clear teeth aligners on the market. Choosing the right product and service can make all the difference in your results and aligner experience, so it’s important to do your research and find the right provider.

The Best Mail-Order Teeth Straightening Aligners on the Market?


Completely mail-order or requires in-office visits? Completely mail-order

Average length of treatment (always can vary per patient): 4 months

Cost: To begin the process, you’ll start with the Byte Impression Kit, which is $95. These impressions will determine whether you’re a candidate for byte treatment. If you’re not, the impression kit is refundable.

If you are a good candidate, the full aligner set, which includes byte’s HyperByte teeth movement accelerator and BrightByte™ teeth whitener, is $1,999.

Customer service: Available 7 am–5 pm, PST through telephone, online chat, Facebook messenger, text, and email.

Maintenance and guarantees: During treatment, byte will provide any additional aligners needed to achieve the treatment’s desired end result. Then, once treatment is complete, byte offers the trademarked Byte for Life guarantee, which ensures that if your teeth shift at any point, you’ll receive another evaluation and treatment.

Standout accessories and products: Included in treatment is HyperByte — a high-frequency vibrational device that helps the aligner achieve proper teeth movement — and a one-month supply of trademarked BrightByte, a whitener that doesn’t cause tooth sensitivity.

Benefits: byte’s lifetime guarantee and user-friendly impression kit make it a favorite of reviewers. The average length of treatment is shorter than many other options. In addition, the technology behind vibrational devices for aligners, such as HyperByte, has shown promise in improving results and minimizing any discomfort.1

Potential downfalls: byte offers a fully remote option for those looking for an aligner treatment that can be completed from home, from start to finish. So, if you’re looking for in-office visits, it’s probably not the best choice for you.


Completely mail-order or requires in-office visits? Candid requires an in-office consultation with one of their CandidPro doctors. 

Average length of treatment (always can vary per patient): 6 months

Cost: The price of treatment varies depending on the patient and provider. On Candid’s website, they use $3,500 as an example of what their aligner’s could cost in a hypothetical situation.

Customer service: Available 9 am to 7pm, 7 days a week, through online chat or phone.

Maintenance and guarantees: According to their website, any guarantees or service agreements are made between CandidPro providers and the patient. Candid does not provide any guarantee or refunds.

Standout accessories and products: Candid focuses on doctor-directed care and offers their trademarked CandidMonitoring virtual checkups so a patient can send their follow-up pictures in every 14 days to be reviewed by their CandidPro doctor. Candid aligner kits come with the CandidMonitoring tool and premium whitening gel.

Benefits: The virtual check-ins with their CandidPro provider makes Candid an appealing option for those who are seeking a hybrid of in-office and mail-order alignment treatment.

Potential downfalls: Because payment and service agreements are worked out between the patient and CandidPro provider, there could be more confusion about pricing and warranty.


Completely mail-order or requires in-office visits? Completely mail-order

Average length of treatment (always can vary per patient): 4–6 months

Cost: Currently, pricing starts at $895 for an ALIGNERCO kit, which includes the at-home impression kit, aligner set, and retainers. During some promotions, a teeth whitener is also included.

Customer service: Customer service via a toll-free number or email is available 9 am to 6 pm, EST. There is also a 24/7 online chat available.

A patient is assigned a Smile Crew Member from ALIGNERCO. Any treatment questions will be addressed with the Smile Crew Member, who will then refer any questions or concerns to the dentist assigned to the treatment. 

Maintenance and guarantees: ALIGNERCO offers a WorryFree Protection plan, which costs $499–$599 depending on promotions. It covers a new retainer every six months as well as an on-demand retainer in the event of a lost retainer.

Standout accessories and products: ALIGNERCO describes their clear aligners as “customized, handcrafted & trimmed to the gum line, making them snug fit and more comfortable to wear.”

Benefits: With low prices and many payment plans available, ALIGNERCO is appealing to those looking for teeth straightening aligners on a budget.

Potential downfalls: For those looking for direct contact with their dental professional or a clear guarantee or warranty on service, ALIGNERCO may not be their top choice.


Completely mail-order or requires in-office visits? SmileDirectClub offers the choice of coming in to an in-office smile shop for their initial tooth scan or receiving an at-home impression kit.

Average length of treatment (always can vary per patient): 4–6 months

Cost: Starting at $2,050, plus a $59 fee for an initial scan or impression kit

Customer service: A toll-free number and online chat assistance is available 24/7. Text, video chat, and email support is also available.

Maintenance and guarantees: As part of their trademarked Lifetime Smile Guarantee, SmileDirectClub offers a 30-day money-back promise and aligner touch-ups throughout treatment. After treatment, patients who wear their retainer as prescribed and replace the retainer ($99) every six months are eligible for a free aligner touch-up every year if approved by a SmileDirectClub dental professional.

Standout accessories and products: The trademarked Comfort Sense technology in their aligners uses laser precision-cut aligners for a comfort fit.

Benefits: SmileDirectClub offers many customer service options and a teen benefit program.

Potential downfalls: The after-service guarantee is dependent on purchasing retainer replacements twice a year. The company has also received some bad press for its handling of customer complaints.

Mail order or
Mail-orderIn-officeMail-orderIn-office or mail-order
Average length
of treatment
4 months6 months4–6 months4–6 months
Cost$1,999 + $95 (impression kit)Varies per patient —
hypothetical cost
provided on website
is $3,500
Starting at $895$2,050 + $59
(impression kit)
Maintenance and
Byte for Life guarantee,
offering another evaluation
and aligners for shifted teeth
No — any agreements are
made between CandidPro
provider and patient
$499–$599 WorryFree
Protection Plan for
retainer replacement
Lifetime Smile
Guarantee provides
aligner touch-ups
during treatment and
yearly touch-up aligners
for those who have
purchased replacement
retainers ($99) every 6
months and worn them
as prescribed
Standout accessories
and products
Science-backed HyperByte
high-frequency vibrational
device to promote fast,
effective results and minimize
CandidMonitoring tools
for virtual check-ins
with CandidPro doctor
No frills, but describes
their aligners as
customized, handcrafted,
and comfortable
Comfort Sense technology
for comfortable fit

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